The Terminal Brewhouse, Chattanooga TN (take two)

In April, Marie and I took a day trip to Chattanooga for her to look into a possible job and for me to look at a neighborhood where we might end up residing. You know what’s within walking distance of this neighborhood? The excellent Terminal Brewhouse, home of some of the best house-made root beer available anywhere, along with a fantastic oatmeal stout called Southsidenstein. Continue reading “The Terminal Brewhouse, Chattanooga TN (take two)”


The New Kitchen at Christophe’s To Go

This is Marie, contributing an article about Christophe’s To Go. We were invited to a dinner to showcase Christophe’s and Red Hare Brewing, who had teamed up for a blogger night at the kitchens, but unfortunately Grant was not able to attend with me; he enjoys Red Hare and would have liked the meals that we sampled! Continue reading “The New Kitchen at Christophe’s To Go”

The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta GA

One Friday last month, Marie and I had a date night and went to visit The Porter Beer Bar, a deceptively cavernous restaurant in Little Five Points. Even reading beforehand that the narrow space is incredibly long and opens up in the back, we were still pleasantly amused by just how far back this space goes! There is room inside for almost a hundred guests at a time, even if some of them might have to go up some stairs and down some more to make it to their table. Continue reading “The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta GA”

The Pub Perimeter, Dunwoody GA

Last month, Marie and I were invited to a soft opening event for Perimeter Mall’s newest restaurant. Well, it was newest for a short time; we understand that a new Varasano’s Pizzeria is coming to the mall in a couple of weeks. Anyway, The Pub is a small chain based in Cincinnati (this is their twelfth store, and first Georgia location) that has the design of a traditional English pub, with appropriate posters and prints on the walls to give you the full British immersion experience. Henry VIII and the London Underground. The Beatles and The Who. Muse and Radiohead. Bangers and mash. Servers in kilts. It’s Six Flags Over London, guv’nah. Stone the crows, the missus’ll never believe this ‘un. Continue reading “The Pub Perimeter, Dunwoody GA”

Back Forty Beer Company, Gadsden AL

I had planned to put together another beer post last month, but I had a tough time deciding what to try. Around Christmas, I asked my brother for his input. I was looking for another brewery from the southeast where I could easily sample three or four beers. He suggested Back Forty, since the great people at Ale Yeah! in Roswell usually have at least three of their eight beers in stock. Continue reading “Back Forty Beer Company, Gadsden AL”

Bell’s Brewery, Kalamazoo MI

For my latest sampling of a brewery, I picked a small selection from Bell’s, the Michigan-based brewery that reignited my interest in craft beer. Between, say, 2003 and 2012, I’d have a pint of Guinness every month or so, or maybe a bottle of Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, but I really just didn’t have the interest in beer that I once had, and I think that’s reflected in earlier posts in this blog. Then we went to Kickbacks Gastropub in Jacksonville and, among the nearly seven hundred beers available – deciding what you want to drink here can take a little while – I saw Bell’s Cherry Stout. That caught my attention. I’d never heard of a cherry stout before.

That was January of this year. I’m still waiting for a second glass. Continue reading “Bell’s Brewery, Kalamazoo MI”

Pizza Pura, Asheville NC (CLOSED)

In the previous chapter, I mentioned that, by chance, we visited both of the two restaurants in Asheville owned by Laura Reuss and her husband Ben Mixson for supper before we left. I picked White Duck and asked Marie to pick another, and we never looked at the other’s choice beyond the names and were pleasantly surprised to find the two restaurants were sisters. Before the night was over, we’d be more than just pleasantly surprised. Continue reading “Pizza Pura, Asheville NC (CLOSED)”