The Brasserie & Neighborhood Cafe at Parish, Atlanta GA (take two)

Normally, we prefer to wait a couple of years before giving a restaurant a second look with a “take two” post, but when we were invited to a new media night at Inman Park’s excellent Parish (whose formal, long name is the Brasserie & Neighborhood Cafe at Parish), we were happy to accept. That’s because the kitchen at the restaurant was, when we visited last year, under the watchful eye of the excellent Chef Zeb Stevenson, but just three months after that visit, it was announced that Stevenson would be taking on a new position as the executive chef at the extremely popular Watershed. Moving into Parish would be Stuart Tracy, formerly the executive chef of Butcher & Bee in Charleston SC. Continue reading “The Brasserie & Neighborhood Cafe at Parish, Atlanta GA (take two)”


The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta GA

One Friday last month, Marie and I had a date night and went to visit The Porter Beer Bar, a deceptively cavernous restaurant in Little Five Points. Even reading beforehand that the narrow space is incredibly long and opens up in the back, we were still pleasantly amused by just how far back this space goes! There is room inside for almost a hundred guests at a time, even if some of them might have to go up some stairs and down some more to make it to their table. Continue reading “The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta GA”

The Brasserie & Neighborhood Cafe at Parish, Atlanta GA

Parish, which I believe opened in 2007, is a restaurant in Inman Park that possibly every hobbyist in town with a blog has visited before us. Previously trading under the name “Parish Foods and Goods” (there’s a market downstairs), in August they rolled out a new menu and new name for their restaurant half, The Brasserie & Neighborhood Cafe at Parish. Chef Zeb Stevenson is bringing in local ingredients and designing some fun, whimsical plates, and these are more than amply matched by the playful new offerings from their new pastry chef, Kelly Lovett, who had previously been with Seven Lamps. Continue reading “The Brasserie & Neighborhood Cafe at Parish, Atlanta GA”

Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q, Atlanta GA (take two)

Last month, the local chef Asha Gomez closed her celebrated restaurant Cardamom Hill, in part because the space was too small to seat all of the people who wished to eat there. I have never once heard of a barbecue place having that problem. In many famous places, the line and the parking issues are part and parcel of visiting, which is how President Obama was able to get all sorts of column inches in the papers by cutting in line at Franklin Barbecue in Austin TX – and by buying lunch for everybody whom he delayed, which was good of him – but that doesn’t mean that Marie and I ever want to deal with it with our impatient three year-old in tow. Or subject everybody in line with us to our impatient three year-old! Continue reading “Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q, Atlanta GA (take two)”

Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party, Atlanta GA

Marie loves to start her day with a cup of tea, and loves all the wonderful flavors that she samples from places like Stash, or David’s, or Teavana. So I’ve had a pretty good feeling for years that she would enjoy a trip to the wonderfully-named Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party in Candler Park, which opened in 2007. I wish that I could tell you that it’s located between a men’s clothing store called Uncle Arthur’s and a hippie shop called Serena’s, but that’s because I probably enjoyed the classic sitcom Bewitched more than anybody else. Continue reading “Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party, Atlanta GA”

Zyka and Niramish, Atlanta GA

A few years ago, Marie and I enjoyed a restaurant that was in one of the strangest locations anybody could think to set up one: inside an old roller skating rink. I was reminded of that when I pulled into what used to be a church on Scott Boulevard in Decatur. Most of the building is now a Montessori school, but the old rec room and kitchen has been refurbished into a no-frills Indian restaurant and banquet facility called Zyka, and it’s completely wonderful. Continue reading “Zyka and Niramish, Atlanta GA”

Planet Bombay, Atlanta GA

A few weeks ago, after a trip to Bhojanic sparked hopes that I might find some reliably good Indian food in the Atlanta area after all, I made a shortlist of four to try. First up was Planet Bombay. It’s located in Little Five Points, across the street from the Junkman’s Daughter, in a space that has been home to more than one Indian restaurant. I believe that the business that preceded Planet Bombay here was called Curry House, and it closed in 1998. Planet Bombay opened here soon after, but I have spent many years being mistaken on one point. I honestly thought that this restaurant used to be located around the corner on Euclid and moved here, but that seems not to be true. Does anybody remember what that Indian restaurant that was on Euclid, a couple of doors down from where Criminal is now, was called? Continue reading “Planet Bombay, Atlanta GA”