Mike’s Hole in the Wall, Chattanooga TN

Every so often, we have to schedule a restaurant visit around the reality that the owners probably don’t want us to bring along our five year-old. I waited until he was out of town before going to this no-frills dive bar for a burger and a beer. Continue reading “Mike’s Hole in the Wall, Chattanooga TN”


Kumquat Mae, Athens GA (CLOSED)

Kumquat Mae has one of the most curious histories of any restaurant that we’ve ever visited. It has closed and reopened several times in different towns, not from lack of business, but because Trae Stewart has always put family first, and has closed the restaurant and bakery to devote time to her children. The current location of the restaurant is at least the fourth since 1995, but it’s only been in business for maybe half of that time. Continue reading “Kumquat Mae, Athens GA (CLOSED)”

Dub’s Place, Chattanooga TN

Every once in a while, you stumble onto the neatest surprise, and, still full from our lunch at Couch’s in Ooltewah, we made our way to the Red Bank neighborhood expecting to find a simple, no-frills fast food dairy bar for a snack and instead found that this place takes its fast food very seriously. Continue reading “Dub’s Place, Chattanooga TN”

The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta GA

One Friday last month, Marie and I had a date night and went to visit The Porter Beer Bar, a deceptively cavernous restaurant in Little Five Points. Even reading beforehand that the narrow space is incredibly long and opens up in the back, we were still pleasantly amused by just how far back this space goes! There is room inside for almost a hundred guests at a time, even if some of them might have to go up some stairs and down some more to make it to their table. Continue reading “The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta GA”

The Unfair, Fickle Finger of Festival Weekend

Over Labor Day weekend, we sampled a couple of new-to-us restaurants, but we did so under the chaos of festivals and conventions, when nobody is at their best. With that in mind, I thought I’d break up the routine by running down all the dining out that we did over the weekend, both new places and old favorites. Continue reading “The Unfair, Fickle Finger of Festival Weekend”

Atkins Park Tavern, Atlanta GA

A few months ago, we started thinking about little mini-celebrations for the little milestones that our blog would be hitting over the summer, and for our 600th Atlanta-area restaurant, we finally decided to pull Atkins Park Tavern out of its “for a rainy day” storage for a visit. It is Atlanta’s oldest continually operating restaurant, dating to 1922, although it has moved several times and considerably changed its focus over the decades. It first opened as a delicatessen, but it’s been, principally, a tavern with a very good wine list since the 1930s. These days, it serves up some better-than-average new Southern entrees along with traditional bar-n-grill comfort food. It reminds me, in an “evolution-works-this-way” fashion, of Litton’s in Knoxville, which started as a grocery store and is today a popular family restaurant. Continue reading “Atkins Park Tavern, Atlanta GA”

The Greater Good BBQ, Atlanta GA

Regular readers might have noticed that over the last month or so, I’ve been sampling all the barbecue joints around Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood that we have never featured before. Last of these is the second home for The Greater Good, whose first store, in Tucker, opened in 2012. Continue reading “The Greater Good BBQ, Atlanta GA”