The Brickery, Sandy Springs GA (take three) (CLOSED)

We have a crowded schedule at the best of times, and November and December are just about the worst of times, so we made sure to get over to the Brickery Grill and Bar for what will probably be our last supper there a few weeks ago. After a quarter of a century, the Sandy Springs institution will be shutting its doors in a few weeks. Developers have bought the dying strip mall where the restaurant currently resides and will soon be erecting some gigantic thing or other, apparently because the traffic at Roswell Road, Hildebrandt, Hammond, Mount Vernon and Johnson Ferry isn’t terrible enough already. Continue reading “The Brickery, Sandy Springs GA (take three) (CLOSED)”


Ray’s Rio Bravo, Sandy Springs GA (CLOSED)

If you’ve lived in Atlanta for any length of time, you’ve heard of Rio Bravo. This isn’t a failed restaurant chain with one or two deeply oddball fans, like me and Shrimp Boats. Thousands of people loved Rio Bravo, which opened its first location in 1984. For a while, it was by leagues the best Tex-Mex in town. Continue reading “Ray’s Rio Bravo, Sandy Springs GA (CLOSED)”

The Brickery Grill and Bar, Sandy Springs GA (take two) (CLOSED)

Last spring, Marie went to a media event at The Brickery in Sandy Springs – here is her story about it – and while it’s a bit outside our neighborhood radius and while we really don’t make anyplace a regular haunt, we’ve made a couple of trips over there since, for their terrific onion rings and fried chicken. Bruce and Sally Alterman, who met in college at The University of Oklahoma in the late 1960s, opened their first restaurant in Atlanta in 1988. It was called Perimeter Cafe and was just a couple of exits over from where they would launch The Brickery in 1992. Continue reading “The Brickery Grill and Bar, Sandy Springs GA (take two) (CLOSED)”

Food 101, Sandy Springs GA (take two)

I get the impression that Food 101 is overlooked by an army of potential guests who will fall in love with the place once they try it. We visited a couple of years ago, at the launch of their Barrel Bar, and mentioned then that the restaurant, led by Chef Justin Keith, was pretty far ahead of the “new Southern” curve, anticipating the rise of the cocktails-in-mason-jars craze by a couple of years. It’s a place that should be celebrated and talked about a lot more than it is, particularly with some treats as terrific as what they are offering on their Spring menu. Continue reading “Food 101, Sandy Springs GA (take two)”

Seven Hens, Sandy Springs GA (CLOSED)

In 2012, we stopped into the first location of Seven Hens, which Michael Gurevich had opened earlier in the year, and were impressed by the sandwiches and, because we’re keen experts in any and all things restaurantic (read with sarcasm; we’re nothing of the sort), we figured that the owner was all set to pounce on second, third, and twelfth locations before the end of the year. Wisely, Gurevich didn’t skimp on the design of that store in Decatur. It looked professional, confident, and ready to franchise. And, since the food – chicken schnitzel sandwiches in a variety of internationally-themed styles – was very good, it looked like a concept ready to succeed. Continue reading “Seven Hens, Sandy Springs GA (CLOSED)”

Erawan Organic Thai Cuisine, Sandy Springs GA

Since beginning the blog, we’ve happily learned about how traditional, authentic Chinese cooking is not a great deal like the suburban Golden-This-Happy-That places that shovel out Kung Pao chicken. But what about Thai cuisine? There are many similarities between American-Chinese cuisine and what we see in Thai restaurants around the Atlanta area. Most Thai restaurants have that same “please everybody” feel, with deep menus. Many of the same dishes appear on every one of their menus. Satay chicken is as predictable an option at a Thai restaurant in Atlanta as sweet and sour chicken is at a Golden-This-Happy-That. While we’ve enjoyed several good and several pleasing meals at Thai restaurants over the last few years (here are a few), I’m not sure that we’ve found a genuinely authentic experience, but, instead, we’ve found very tasty compromises made for the American market. Continue reading “Erawan Organic Thai Cuisine, Sandy Springs GA”

The Greater Good BBQ, Atlanta GA

Regular readers might have noticed that over the last month or so, I’ve been sampling all the barbecue joints around Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood that we have never featured before. Last of these is the second home for The Greater Good, whose first store, in Tucker, opened in 2012. Continue reading “The Greater Good BBQ, Atlanta GA”