Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party, Atlanta GA

Marie loves to start her day with a cup of tea, and loves all the wonderful flavors that she samples from places like Stash, or David’s, or Teavana. So I’ve had a pretty good feeling for years that she would enjoy a trip to the wonderfully-named Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party in Candler Park, which opened in 2007. I wish that I could tell you that it’s located between a men’s clothing store called Uncle Arthur’s and a hippie shop called Serena’s, but that’s because I probably enjoyed the classic sitcom Bewitched more than anybody else.

Behind the silliness and the incredibly fun design, there’s a serious and sad story behind Dr. Bombay’s that needs to be shared. When guests buy a beverage, like Marie’s kiwi pear tea, or a used book here – we picked up a scuffed hardcover of Animal Vegetable Miracle – they are supporting a very inspiring outreach program. Proceeds from Dr. Bombay’s go to benefit The Learning Tea. This is an orphanage in Hyderebad, India that is providing shelter and education for young women in a very dangerous and very impoverished region.

Three years after Katrell Christie opened the cafe, she went with a mission trip to India, intending to start a small business where women could make home crafts that could be sold at markets. But she was unprepared with how grim the situation, and the poverty in the region was, and massively expanded her charitable cause. Funds from tea and food sales, and used books, go to support The Learning Tea. These are supplemented with a daily high tea at 3.30 pm (tickets are $35, with a 24-hour reservation required) and a special dinner on the last Monday of every month. The Learning Tea is also supported by the wonderful people at Chai Pani, who also sell these teas, and host an annual fundraiser.

The cafe is a nice, comfortable and relaxing place to visit, with a deep menu of teas and coffees, quiet music, nice seating, and several shelves full of books to check out. A bridal lunch was just wrapping up as we arrived, showing off what a good space this is for small parties and events. Plus, it’s just three doors down from Full Moon Records, and that’s always worth a browse as well.

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