Gypsy Kitchen, Atlanta GA (take two)

Here’s something that will (probably) never be repeated. When a media outlet or PR company invites us to sample a restaurant, I go ahead and schedule a slot for a story, just in case we want to write about it. Well, I was pretty sure that another trip to Gypsy Kitchen would warrant a story today, because Marie and I enjoy that place a great deal. I keep saying that I probably like it more than anybody else in Atlanta does. We had not been by in the last six months, when the new executive chef, Matthew Ridgway, took over, however, and I was very curious to see what changes he’d made. We only got to speak with Chef Matthew for a brief moment, but the restaurant’s chef de cuisine, Garrison Finzer, told us quite a lot about the new menu, and how the kitchen itself has had a major overhaul since the restaurant opened to – and let’s be fair – somewhat mild and mixed reviews. Continue reading “Gypsy Kitchen, Atlanta GA (take two)”


Mason Tavern, Decatur GA

You know how that first week after the time change, it feels like the middle of the night when it’s only seven o’clock? And how the rain doesn’t help? Well, a couple of weeks ago, Daylight Savings Time ended and Marie and I accepted an invitation to visit Mason Tavern, the newest restaurant from the Concentrics Group. It opened earlier this summer, on Clairmont in the same strip mall as Community Q. They’re aiming for an above-average “community gathering place,” and, with Chavez Hernandez, formerly of Saltyard, in charge of the kitchen, they’ve assembled a new Southern menu with many of the usual suspects in this category of late – hot chicken, pork belly, brunch – and a particularly interesting beer menu. All of the beers they have on tap are from Georgia brewers, which is wonderful. Continue reading “Mason Tavern, Decatur GA”

Hobnob Neighborhood Tavern, Atlanta GA

Earlier this year, we visited the popular 10th & Piedmont in Atlanta and learned that this restaurant is the third and newest of three owned by Sean Yeremyan and his brother Gilbert. Hobnob, their second venture, opened in 2009 in the home of a former Caribou Coffee at the corner of Piedmont and Monroe, across the street from Ansley Mall. You know where Metronome Music used to be? That corner. Although don’t park in the old Metronome lot; Hobnob employs a valet as their own lot is quite small. Continue reading “Hobnob Neighborhood Tavern, Atlanta GA”

Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub, Brookhaven GA (take two)

Marie and I were invited to revisit Kaleidoscope a few weeks ago to sample their new wood-fired pizzas. I confess that I raised an eyebrow when the restaurant first announced that they were adding pizzas to their lineup, but each time we’ve gone to Kaleidoscope, it has been to have their truly amazing burger, which is among the very best in the Atlanta area (Hat tip to Todd Brock for originally sending us in to try one, by the way). I genuinely have not looked at anything else on the restaurant’s menu, as the burger is that good. It took an unusual circumstance to get me to waver from my routine! Continue reading “Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub, Brookhaven GA (take two)”

Tap, Atlanta GA

I was recently invited to join some other bloggers and media types for a preview dinner of Chef David Connolly’s autumn menu at Tap, the popular gastropub in the King & Spalding building on Peachtree and 14th Street in midtown. If you’re familiar with Article 14, one of our favorite restaurants in that area, Tap is in the same building, but on the other side, with a separate lane for valet parking. It’s a very nice two story space with lots of stairs if you’d like to go up to the somewhat quieter area above the noise and activity of the main floor. Continue reading “Tap, Atlanta GA”

The Rook & Pawn, Athens GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Rook & Pawn, the new board game café in Athens. First of all, I am an utterly biased observer. I love board games, have been a gaming geek for decades, and would have had a positive view of the place even if it had been a bit of a disappointment.

Spoiler – it’s not at all a disappointment. Continue reading “The Rook & Pawn, Athens GA”

The Brasserie & Neighborhood Cafe at Parish, Atlanta GA (take two)

Normally, we prefer to wait a couple of years before giving a restaurant a second look with a “take two” post, but when we were invited to a new media night at Inman Park’s excellent Parish (whose formal, long name is the Brasserie & Neighborhood Cafe at Parish), we were happy to accept. That’s because the kitchen at the restaurant was, when we visited last year, under the watchful eye of the excellent Chef Zeb Stevenson, but just three months after that visit, it was announced that Stevenson would be taking on a new position as the executive chef at the extremely popular Watershed. Moving into Parish would be Stuart Tracy, formerly the executive chef of Butcher & Bee in Charleston SC. Continue reading “The Brasserie & Neighborhood Cafe at Parish, Atlanta GA (take two)”