Hobnob Neighborhood Tavern, Atlanta GA

Earlier this year, we visited the popular 10th & Piedmont in Atlanta and learned that this restaurant is the third and newest of three owned by Sean Yeremyan and his brother Gilbert. Hobnob, their second venture, opened in 2009 in the home of a former Caribou Coffee at the corner of Piedmont and Monroe, across the street from Ansley Mall. You know where Metronome Music used to be? That corner. Although don’t park in the old Metronome lot; Hobnob employs a valet as their own lot is quite small. Continue reading “Hobnob Neighborhood Tavern, Atlanta GA”


Diner, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)

I’d like to think that I’m a pretty patient fellow, but nothing’s worse than waiting and waiting for a restaurant to open, in part because we tend to wait a couple of months to give the management and staff time to work out the kinks before we visit a new place. We’re not in Atlantic Station very often, but Ron Eyester’s latest restaurant, called simply Diner, sat so enticingly for so long. I enjoy Eyester’s work a whole lot, and he’s often very funny on Twitter (a plus), so when the stars lined up just right, I was so glad to stop by. Continue reading “Diner, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)”