Hobnob Neighborhood Tavern, Atlanta GA

Earlier this year, we visited the popular 10th & Piedmont in Atlanta and learned that this restaurant is the third and newest of three owned by Sean Yeremyan and his brother Gilbert. Hobnob, their second venture, opened in 2009 in the home of a former Caribou Coffee at the corner of Piedmont and Monroe, across the street from Ansley Mall. You know where Metronome Music used to be? That corner. Although don’t park in the old Metronome lot; Hobnob employs a valet as their own lot is quite small. Continue reading “Hobnob Neighborhood Tavern, Atlanta GA”


Zeal, Marietta GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Zeal Modern Eatery. I had been invited to join some friends there for an evening meet-up and menu sampling, and really enjoyed the place. Sadly, it was raining so I did not take photos of the exterior, but it’s in the end of a strip mall so a) easy to find and b) looks much like any other store. The interior is pretty, though, with the bar area separated from the tables so if you care to watch the widescreen with a drink you won’t be given stinkeye by people trying to have dinner. Continue reading “Zeal, Marietta GA”

Food from Fiction 4: Sipsey’s Fried Green Tomatoes

When Mrs. Threadgoode saw what she had on her plate, she clapped her hands, as excited as a child on Christmas. There before her was a plate of perfectly fried green tomatoes and fresh cream-white corn, six slices of bacon, with a bowl of baby lima beans on the side and four huge light and fluffy buttermilk biscuits.” — from Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, by Fannie Flagg (Random House, 1987)

This is Marie, contributing an article about a Yankee trying to cook like a Southerner and having a rather hard time of it. Mind you, I’ve lived in Georgia longer than all the other places combined, but it seems you just can’t take the Minnesota out of me. Continue reading “Food from Fiction 4: Sipsey’s Fried Green Tomatoes”

The Smoke Ring, Atlanta GA

I had heard of the Meat Week craze about three years ago, but didn’t pay the lovably silly tradition the attention that it deserved. Then, there had been a branch in Athens, and Hillary Brown at Flagpole had reported on one of its week of barbecue activities. That was when I first heard about the excellent Big Al’s BBQ Pit, a joint that left us far, far too soon. Continue reading “The Smoke Ring, Atlanta GA”

Alison’s Restaurant, Dunwoody GA (take two) (CLOSED)

Three Fridays back, we invited some bloggers to join us for another visit to Alison’s Restaurant in Dunwoody (see our original post about this good place, from back in May, here). I think that this is a simply splendid little neighborhood spot, the home of some classic Southern comfort food in a very nice setting with excellent service. But on this trip, Alison pulled out some secret weapons that elevate her restaurant from splendid to must-visit: the fried green tomatoes here are downright amazing, to say nothing of the pot pies. Continue reading “Alison’s Restaurant, Dunwoody GA (take two) (CLOSED)”