Alison’s Restaurant, Dunwoody GA (take two) (CLOSED)

Three Fridays back, we invited some bloggers to join us for another visit to Alison’s Restaurant in Dunwoody (see our original post about this good place, from back in May, here). I think that this is a simply splendid little neighborhood spot, the home of some classic Southern comfort food in a very nice setting with excellent service. But on this trip, Alison pulled out some secret weapons that elevate her restaurant from splendid to must-visit: the fried green tomatoes here are downright amazing, to say nothing of the pot pies.

Despite a trio of last-minute cancellations, Leslie from The Food and Me joined us, as did Roger and Eve from Friday Date Night and we all ate very well indeed. Marie and Roger each ordered the chicken pot pies and were raving about them. They serve enough of these on weekend evenings that the sight of the giant things ends up selling the dish more than any server’s recommendation. People see plates of these go past and order them from enthusiastic curiosity.

Never a particular fan of pot pies, I had an order of Grandpa’s Poached Salmon, which is served with a heaping spoonful of a creamy parsley sauce. Alison scooted by the table to check on us – literally, she’d injured her leg and was on a little scooter – and I had to rave about how well the sauce went with the salmon. It’s quite a simple sauce (here’s one possible recipe for it), and Alison told us that it is very common in her native England, but don’t mistake simple for ordinary. This was wonderful.

Everybody else was also pleased with their selections. Leslie ordered the fried chicken, which I had on our first visit, and Eve had the trout, served with a mango sauce, and they both got thumbs up, but the most amazing dish had to be the fried green tomatoes. They were just completely perfect. I’ve had these at a hundred places, it seems like, and maybe only one or two places make them this good. We are always looking for new places to try and new restaurants to sample, but the next several times we’re in Dunwoody, even if we are bound for some other place, it will be really tempting to just come by Alison’s for an appetizer of these first. They are that good.

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