Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub, Brookhaven GA (take two)

Marie and I were invited to revisit Kaleidoscope a few weeks ago to sample their new wood-fired pizzas. I confess that I raised an eyebrow when the restaurant first announced that they were adding pizzas to their lineup, but each time we’ve gone to Kaleidoscope, it has been to have their truly amazing burger, which is among the very best in the Atlanta area (Hat tip to Todd Brock for originally sending us in to try one, by the way). I genuinely have not looked at anything else on the restaurant’s menu, as the burger is that good. It took an unusual circumstance to get me to waver from my routine! Continue reading “Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub, Brookhaven GA (take two)”


Havana Sandwich Shop, Brookhaven GA

In 1976, Buford Highway looked very, very different. While today we celebrate it as the Atlanta area’s original home for cooking and cuisines from around the world, in ’76, it was just another busy suburban four-lane with all the same restaurants and shops as every other busy suburban four-lane. The Baldinos was then a Pizza Inn, the Monterrey was then a Shrimp Boats, the Farmers Market was then a Lionel Play World, and that patch of demolished flat ground at the intersection with Oakcliff was then a Hardee’s. Also, that porn theater that everybody giggles about was a mainstream movie house, showing Freaky Friday. Seriously. Continue reading “Havana Sandwich Shop, Brookhaven GA”