Havana Sandwich Shop, Brookhaven GA

In 1976, Buford Highway looked very, very different. While today we celebrate it as the Atlanta area’s original home for cooking and cuisines from around the world, in ’76, it was just another busy suburban four-lane with all the same restaurants and shops as every other busy suburban four-lane. The Baldinos was then a Pizza Inn, the Monterrey was then a Shrimp Boats, the Farmers Market was then a Lionel Play World, and that patch of demolished flat ground at the intersection with Oakcliff was then a Hardee’s. Also, that porn theater that everybody giggles about was a mainstream movie house, showing Freaky Friday. Seriously. Continue reading “Havana Sandwich Shop, Brookhaven GA”


Man Chun Hong, Doraville GA (take two)

I had half a mind to order something different at Man Chun Hong, but I didn’t. I’ve eaten here half a dozen times now and I get the Shan City chicken each time. It’s just amazing. We found this restaurant a little more than a year ago and it’s completely defeated any interest we may have in trying new things and exploring. Other than a few reliable plates of barbecue, a couple of burritos and a particular chili dog, this dish is my favorite comfort food in the metro Atlanta area. Continue reading “Man Chun Hong, Doraville GA (take two)”

Panahar Bangladeshi Restaurant, Atlanta GA

Panahar, which for many years was the only Bangladeshi restaurant in the Atlanta area, had been on my to-do list for quite some time. It had been sitting there for so long that another Bangladeshi restaurant, Purnima, opened since I’ve been saying I needed to get over here. Purnima had really impressed all of us who visited. What were the odds that the lunch buffet at the venerable Panahar would please me as much? Continue reading “Panahar Bangladeshi Restaurant, Atlanta GA”

Nam Phuong, Atlanta GA (take two)

When anybody talks about the best Vietnamese restaurants in Atlanta, Nam Phuong is one of the names you’re going to hear. I think this place is consistently excellent and always a pleasant surprise. Either by myself or with Marie or with friends, we’ve been to both of their Atlanta-area stores a few times and enjoyed some terrific meals. Continue reading “Nam Phuong, Atlanta GA (take two)”

Spicy Gaga Duck, Doraville GA

We haven’t featured any stories from Atlanta’s Buford Highway in a while, so we’re fixing that. It’s Buford Highway Week at Marie, Let’s Eat!, and here’s the first of five chapters about trips we’ve taken to this incredibly popular corridor over the last couple of months. Continue reading “Spicy Gaga Duck, Doraville GA”