Nam Phuong, Atlanta GA (take two)

When anybody talks about the best Vietnamese restaurants in Atlanta, Nam Phuong is one of the names you’re going to hear. I think this place is consistently excellent and always a pleasant surprise. Either by myself or with Marie or with friends, we’ve been to both of their Atlanta-area stores a few times and enjoyed some terrific meals. Continue reading “Nam Phuong, Atlanta GA (take two)”


Cơm Dunwoody Vietnamese Grill Fusion, Dunwoody GA

It’s always interesting to visit two restaurants as determinedly different as the two locations of Cơm in Atlanta are. We had dinner with some friends at the Buford Highway location in late 2013 and really enjoyed it. It seems like a mostly traditional menu, comparable to many of the other Vietnamese restaurants in the area, and they serve a shaking chicken dish that Marie still considers one of, if not the outright best, of any meal she’s had at any Buford Highway restaurant. Continue reading “Cơm Dunwoody Vietnamese Grill Fusion, Dunwoody GA”

Saigon Le, Memphis TN (CLOSED)

We were last in Memphis three years ago. We had planned a trip last spring, but couldn’t make it work, and so this time we scheduled it around Marie’s birthday, so she could celebrate with her sister, who lives in town, and her brother, who was planning to come that way for MidSouthCon anyhow. I batted a few ideas around with Marie’s sister, who recommended that we have at least a small break from barbecue to sample something else in the city. She said that there are some excellent Vietnamese restaurants in town, including Saigon Le, which is just a few blocks from her place in midtown, on the corner of Cleveland and Court. Continue reading “Saigon Le, Memphis TN (CLOSED)”

Pho Saigon, Macon GA

People sometimes ask us the same question that I asked once upon a time when I have noticed one of our fellow hobbyists announcing that they were having a baby: will this change your eating routines? For a long time – and I mean absolutely no disrespect at all to other writers who have cut down on their dining out or posting in the wake of having kids – our three year-old didn’t impact our routine very much at all. We just didn’t let him! That kid was in his baby seat at Brandi’s World Famous Hot Dogs the day after we brought him home, and he’s been with us practically ever since. Most of the time, he’s been really good, keeps reasonably quiet, and not a single bagel has been thrown across a restaurant. He’s kind of bad, lately, about wanting to stand up in his chair, but most three year-olds try to get away with that, and on the whole, if you’d asked me anytime from his birth in the spring of ’11 through the end of last year whether our boy has changed our routine, I’d have said “barely at all.” Continue reading “Pho Saigon, Macon GA”

Château de Saigòn, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)

Oh, friends, the story of Menu Envy that I relate today will surely break your heart. Or not, if you’re sensible about it. See, one day last month, a buddy named Stephen posted to Facebook a photo of his order of Thit Kho To (Pork Clay Pot) from Château de Saigòn on Buford Highway. It looked absolutely delicious and so I resolved to try it as soon as I could. I shouted out to Vincent and Helen to see whether they’d like to join us, and we met up on a Saturday evening. Continue reading “Château de Saigòn, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)”

Island Pho, Saint Simons Island GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Island Pho, a Vietnamese place on St. Simons. The last time we visited the island, before Christmas, I recall seeing the store front, but it was either closed that day or not open yet. However, it was worth the wait to go this time. My mother and I took the toddler to have some lunch together and we had a very good meal. Continue reading “Island Pho, Saint Simons Island GA”

Cơm Vietnamese Grill, Atlanta GA

Back in August, Leslie from The Food and Me suggested that we meet up for supper at Cơm, the quite popular Vietnamese place on Buford Highway. It’s been doing good business for almost a decade and has been very influential both in the business world – when Nam Phuong opened, with its nice atmosphere, furnishings, and presentation, it was said by some to be an imitation of Cơm – and in making fans out of curious eaters. Leslie and I agreed that we should have more get-togethers with more bloggers, and then I hemmed and hawed and waited too late to properly invite people, but Food Near Snellville was able to make it, as did our friends and frequent fellow diners Vincent and Helen, and then Leslie got called into work and wasn’t able to join us. Boo! Continue reading “Cơm Vietnamese Grill, Atlanta GA”