Pho Saigon, Macon GA

People sometimes ask us the same question that I asked once upon a time when I have noticed one of our fellow hobbyists announcing that they were having a baby: will this change your eating routines? For a long time – and I mean absolutely no disrespect at all to other writers who have cut down on their dining out or posting in the wake of having kids – our three year-old didn’t impact our routine very much at all. We just didn’t let him! That kid was in his baby seat at Brandi’s World Famous Hot Dogs the day after we brought him home, and he’s been with us practically ever since. Most of the time, he’s been really good, keeps reasonably quiet, and not a single bagel has been thrown across a restaurant. He’s kind of bad, lately, about wanting to stand up in his chair, but most three year-olds try to get away with that, and on the whole, if you’d asked me anytime from his birth in the spring of ’11 through the end of last year whether our boy has changed our routine, I’d have said “barely at all.” Continue reading “Pho Saigon, Macon GA”

Best BBQ Cantonese Cuisine, Duluth GA

A couple of months ago, Marie and I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Tin Drum Asiacafe, Steven Chan, after admiring his work from afar for a few years. We got to talking about food in Atlanta, and the authenticity – or lack thereof – of Chinese cuisine in America (see my recent story about the book Chop Suey, USA for more on that subject), and he invited us to join him and his wife for dim sum at what he contends is the best and most authentic dim sum restaurant in the Atlanta area. Marie sadly wasn’t able to make it in the end owing to a work commitment, but Bella Vivere joined us at Great Wall Supermarket one Saturday last month. Continue reading “Best BBQ Cantonese Cuisine, Duluth GA”

Bei Jing Kabobs, Doraville GA

One of the many benefits to come from expanding our knowledge of authentic foods from other countries has been learning that I actually do like some food from China a whole lot. Of course, I have suspected forever that the stuff that I’ve shrugged about and tolerated all these years because it makes other people happy while I find it inoffensive is all made from ingredients in giant cans from Sysco of Szechuan. I’m not intentionally being judgmental, but it’s the same reason I ask whether fries are hand-cut or frozen before I order them. I know what Sysco fries taste like already, and I equally know what the Moo Goo Gai Pan tastes like in every city in America. I’d like to sample the tastes and flavors of food that hasn’t been made for mass appeal. That said, here is the first of three stories sprinkled over the next two weeks in which we sample some Chinese food quite unlike the Golden-This-Happy-That mall standard and come away really enjoying the new experiences. Continue reading “Bei Jing Kabobs, Doraville GA”