Frankfurt Döner & Meats, Ball Ground GA

In 1993, Detley Werner and his family moved from Germany to the United States, and made their way to the small town of Ball Ground, where they opened a butcher shop that also sells sandwiches and a really huge variety of smoked sausages. I’d first heard of his shop a couple of years ago, but we hadn’t been up the I-575 corridor in quite some time and never found an opportunity to go visit. A couple of months ago, however, I got a craving to visit Amicalola Falls, near Dawsonville, a trip which would take us right by his place.

I asked my friend and former boss, Melissa, whether she and her family would like to join us. She used to have a simply terrific, adorable little shop on the other side of the street from Frankfurt, but closed it after her second daughter was born. Keeping up with one little one underfoot was enough of a challenge!

We arrived just as Frankfurt opened and the employees began grilling on the sidewalk in front of the shop. Then the fun began: corralling wild, happy children while considering our options between the display case indoors and enjoying a few samples. Why didn’t I think to photograph it? Because I’m a numbskull, I think. At least I knew what I wanted: a döner sandwich. Not very many places in Georgia offer these. Döner meat is similar to gyro meat, although typically made with shaved beef, rather than a mixture of pork and lamb. Keba Sandwiches in Athens (previously Keba Spitfire Grill) serves them, but I don’t recall any others around. They offer them dressed with lettuce and tomato, or with cucumbers and red cabbage. It might surprise you to read that I went with the Americanised version rather than the traditional way, but Marie’s the one who really likes red cabbage, not me.

We also brought back a smoked sausage and a bratwurst to our table, along with a small side of excellent German potato salad. Everything was really delicious. There is no interior seating at Frankfurt. There are a couple of tables on the sidewalk, but even better, there are a few picnic tables just a short walk away behind a nice gazebo. This gave the children lots of room to run around and yell while the grown-ups and the one who wasn’t quite old enough to walk could enjoy our food and catch up.

From Ball Ground, it’s about a 45-minute drive to Amicalola Falls, which is completely awesome, and probably the best waterfall in the state. There’s a very long staircase for people willing to make the long climb from the base to the top. I was only able to make it part of the way myself, but our son led Marie on a charge all the rest of the way. I rather enjoyed having forty or so minutes to kick back and peacefully enjoy the scene while they were climbing. What an excellent day out.

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