Gerst Haus, Nashville TN

When we were last in Nashville, on our way downtown to a place called Tazza, we drove past a place that I’d seen a dozen times, easily, without it ever registering. Our friend Tory pointed out a German-themed restaurant called Gerst Haus that has been packing in vistors since the original owner, William J. Gerst, opened it in 1955. The restaurant started after the closing of the Gerst-Moelin Brewery (later William Gerst Brewing Company) the year before (1890-1954). Over the decades, it has transitioned from a dark and uninviting pub into a big palace for families. There are still dozens of beers for guests to sample, but I’d had calories aplenty on this trip already and stuck with water. Continue reading “Gerst Haus, Nashville TN”


Drinking in Nashville

Nashville looks very much like a town in which a man can go a-drinkin’. The bars open early and don’t seem to close until late, and there appear to be more hospitals per resident than any other place this side of Miami to take care of what you do to your liver. But if you’re a family like ours, where three of us don’t drink alcohol and the one that does maybe has a single beer a month, it’s also a terrific place to drink all sorts of other wonderful things. When my daughter and I first got to the Music City on this trip, we skirted around the south side of the metro area via I-440 and started things off with a great milkshake at Bobbie’s Dairy Dip. Continue reading “Drinking in Nashville”

Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant, Nashville TN

It was a very silly set of circumstances that led us to Puckett’s. Tory first suggested it when my daughter asked whether we could get some fried chicken in Nashville, only not, she underlined, the crazy hot lava death kind that I enjoy so much. I mentioned that to Tory and she said that Puckett’s would work for us. Unfortunately, they were closed for a private party on Friday evening, which is how we ended up at Tazza instead. Then at some point, my daughter, mercurial as ever, decided that she didn’t want fried, or any kind of chicken whatever, at any time in her life ever again. She lasted about a week; Marie’s chicken alfredo pasta was enough to shake the girlchild out of her reverie. Continue reading “Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant, Nashville TN”

Tazza, Nashville TN

Since we don’t live in Nashville, and since that city has a very active blogging community of its own, it always surprises me when we make it to a restaurant and give it a writeup before anybody else seems to have. Then again, what reputation Tazza has tends to be negative. It isn’t a place that has made much impact on hobbyists, and the user reviews at Yelp and Urbanspoon are fairly tepid. Continue reading “Tazza, Nashville TN”

The Greek Touch, Nashville TN

Normally, when I really like a restaurant, I try to make sure to remember how to get there, so that I can tell people, especially the ones who find Google Maps challenging. The Greek Touch is easy to find. What you do is park in downtown Nashville in the library deck, preferably on a Monday when the library is closed (budget cuts) and there’s an extra space or two. Then you walk to a coffee shop called Provence and wait for about twenty minutes for our friend Tory to get time off for lunch. She’ll come get you and take you through the lobby of the Fifth Third Bank building, out the loading dock, down past the dumpsters and you’ll take a left in some alley and wind up in a shopping arcade. You’ll take a right and it’s a little past the post office on your right. Continue reading “The Greek Touch, Nashville TN”