Bob’s Brick Oven Pizza, Rock Spring GA

Some rave reviews for this pizza place sent us a half-hour down the road to find a middle-of-nowhere joint whose owner grows his basil in the shop, makes his own root beer and ice cream, and puts quite a lot of his proceeds back into the community. Continue reading “Bob’s Brick Oven Pizza, Rock Spring GA”


Pal’s Sudden Service, Kingsport TN

Pal’s Sudden Service is known as a drive-thru fast food place. In fact, the small chain is the industry leader in speed, efficiency, and accuracy in its drive-thru. But before it started putting its brand together and constructing identical buildings – beautifully oddball, but identical – it opened a store in Kingsport that is nothing like the others, and that’s the one we went to visit. Continue reading “Pal’s Sudden Service, Kingsport TN”

Culver’s, Dawsonville GA

Two months ago, Marie and I took our son to Amicalola Falls, and I had a cunning plan to swing by the new Culver’s that had opened in that long, deeply depressing strip of one-off buildings and drive-thru restaurants on GA-400 along the outlet mall. This is the stretch of road where the Varsity Jr. relocated its iconic store on Lindbergh and added a playground. A playground. You’re shaking your head right now just thinking about it, I can tell. Continue reading “Culver’s, Dawsonville GA”

Big Spring Cafe, Huntsville AL

For our next stop in Huntsville, we drove with our friend Helen just a few miles down the road to check out the city’s oldest restaurant. While Big Spring Cafe has only (heh, only) been in its present location on Governors since 1970, the restaurant originally opened downtown in 1928. It is a much-loved old greasy spoon, and it serves a pretty darn good hamburger. It’s on at least its fourth owner, and I don’t believe that it’s ever stayed in the same family’s hands for more than a couple of decades, but considering the difficulty in keeping a restaurant open for even a few months, I believe that any restaurant with this kind of history, even one with as many asterisks as this one has, deserves a round of applause for making it for so long. Continue reading “Big Spring Cafe, Huntsville AL”

Satchel’s Pizza, Gainesville FL

Back in the first couple of years of this blog, we entertained a goal that sounded really fun. We wanted to visit every SEC city and have at least one meal. Then the conference expanded to incorporate two very distant cities, probably just to spite us, with only three to go. Well, never mind. I wasn’t in any hurry to visit Gainesville anyway. Then my mother moved to Apopka, meaning we could probably justify swinging through Gainesville on the way to visit her. I suppose, if we must. Continue reading “Satchel’s Pizza, Gainesville FL”

Yalla! and Fred’s Meat and Bread, Krog Street Market, Atlanta GA

Since opening several months ago, the Krog Street Market has caught the imagination of many writers in our hobby. While not at all identical, it’s a similar set-up to the long-established Sweet Auburn Curb Market, offering stall spaces, and, in a couple of cases, full table service opportunities to local chefs with neat ideas. One of Ford Fry’s concepts, Superica, has a packed patio, The Cockentrice has been getting rave reviews, Gu’s Dumplings is providing temporary relief for people who are still bereft that the Bistro on Buford Highway closed and hasn’t yet formally announced its relocation, and Craft Izakaya is also drawing in crowds and mobs. Continue reading “Yalla! and Fred’s Meat and Bread, Krog Street Market, Atlanta GA”