Bob’s Brick Oven Pizza, Rock Spring GA

Some rave reviews for this pizza place sent us a half-hour down the road to find a middle-of-nowhere joint whose owner grows his basil in the shop, makes his own root beer and ice cream, and puts quite a lot of his proceeds back into the community. Continue reading “Bob’s Brick Oven Pizza, Rock Spring GA”


Spencer B’s BBQ, Ringgold GA

I’ve been down on eastern Tennessee barbecue and quick to praise the much better meals that I’ve been able to find all over Georgia. But what about the places just a few minutes’ drive from Chattanooga? Is the state line really all that great a barrier? Continue reading “Spencer B’s BBQ, Ringgold GA”

Gelato in Chattanooga and Froyo in Dalton

Earlier this year, one of our readers, Bobby C., left us a comment suggesting that the next time that we’re traveling through the Dalton area, we should bring the girlchild by a frozen yogurt place called Jandy’s. We love getting recommendations. Personalized recommendations that are aware of my daughter’s blogname and her favorite foods, well, shucks, we’re thrilled that anybody reads us that closely. Continue reading “Gelato in Chattanooga and Froyo in Dalton”

Roy’s Grill, Rossville GA (CLOSED)

Several months ago, I was browsing around Roadside Architecture, as I often do, daydreaming of the funds to spend weeks on the road like she does, and thought about some pictures of a little grill and diner in Rossville that looked completely fascinating. Rossville is the northernmost city in Georgia to border Tennessee. In fact, the state line and city limits of Chattanooga are one block north of the restaurant. When we finished eating, we took a short walk, just so that we could say that we walked from one state into another, and we took some silly pictures of us clowning around with our feet on either side of the sign, while the teenage girlchild seethed in mortification that we are so incredibly embarrassing. Continue reading “Roy’s Grill, Rossville GA (CLOSED)”

Bailey’s Bar-B-Cue, Ringgold GA

We made a couple of final stops in northwest Georgia on our way back from Chattanooga. We had an excellent day trip to the Scenic City, ate well, visited friends, and shopped well, but the day had grown a little longer than we had anticipated, and the baby refused to nap. He finally zonked out as we crossed back into Georgia, and when we pulled off just a couple of exits later for an early supper, we didn’t want to wake him. Marie suggested that the girlchild and I go get something to eat while she kicked back with a book and the sleeping baby, and just bring her a sandwich. Continue reading “Bailey’s Bar-B-Cue, Ringgold GA”

Character’s Famous BBQ, Adairsville GA

So the baby and I were having a boys’ day out, which pretty much is going to mean driving around the country and eating. We made our way from Jasper across to I-75 at Calhoun, passing by the original location of the very good Bub-Ba-Q and enjoying a really pleasant hour or so. It was an overcast day and slightly misty; every so often, the old highway ducked into little valleys with old, craggy trees looming over the road. It sometimes didn’t look like Georgia, but like an old Hammer Horror film. The baby fell asleep, not appreciating the imagery. Continue reading “Character’s Famous BBQ, Adairsville GA”

Thatcher’s Barbeque and Grill, Trenton GA

Our planned tour of northwestern Georgia barbecue only managed half of the planned number of restaurants, although it is likely that we visited the most northwestern barbecue restaurant in the state. I would happily be proven wrong, but I can’t find evidence that there are any closer to the corner than Thatcher’s in Trenton. This town, located about six miles from both the Alabama and Tennessee lines, is the county seat of what I still call the Free State of Dade. Continue reading “Thatcher’s Barbeque and Grill, Trenton GA”