Spencer B’s BBQ, Ringgold GA

I’ve been down on eastern Tennessee barbecue and quick to praise the much better meals that I’ve been able to find all over Georgia. But what about the places just a few minutes’ drive from Chattanooga? Is the state line really all that great a barrier? Continue reading “Spencer B’s BBQ, Ringgold GA”


Bailey’s Bar-B-Cue, Ringgold GA

We made a couple of final stops in northwest Georgia on our way back from Chattanooga. We had an excellent day trip to the Scenic City, ate well, visited friends, and shopped well, but the day had grown a little longer than we had anticipated, and the baby refused to nap. He finally zonked out as we crossed back into Georgia, and when we pulled off just a couple of exits later for an early supper, we didn’t want to wake him. Marie suggested that the girlchild and I go get something to eat while she kicked back with a book and the sleeping baby, and just bring her a sandwich. Continue reading “Bailey’s Bar-B-Cue, Ringgold GA”