Pal’s Sudden Service, Kingsport TN

Pal’s Sudden Service is known as a drive-thru fast food place. In fact, the small chain is the industry leader in speed, efficiency, and accuracy in its drive-thru. But before it started putting its brand together and constructing identical buildings – beautifully oddball, but identical – it opened a store in Kingsport that is nothing like the others, and that’s the one we went to visit. Continue reading “Pal’s Sudden Service, Kingsport TN”


Ice Cream in Orlando

A really fun resource for people looking for fun things to look at while driving around is Debra Jane Seltzer’s Roadside Architecture. I look at it from time to time wondering what might be nice to see. You know what we don’t have a lot of in Georgia? Buildings shaped like ice cream cones. That’s okay. Florida’s got that covered. There’s a small chain of ice cream shops around central Florida called Twistee Treat, and we drove out to the one on E. Colonial Drive (FL-50) to get some milkshakes. Continue reading “Ice Cream in Orlando”

Full Service BBQ, Maryville TN

Apology accepted, Full Service. Apology accepted.

We did pretty good for eastern Tennessee barbecue on this trip. Our third barbecue stop, and the first that our daughter was able to join us for, was at this delightful little place that opened in 2009 in the space that was once home to a Crown gas station. Caleb of Smoked Pig and Sweet Tea gave it a nice writeup a few years ago and it certainly sounded promising. Continue reading “Full Service BBQ, Maryville TN”

Pal’s Sudden Service, Johnson City TN

So our spring trip was truncated from four days in western Tennessee to two days in eastern Tennessee. We started the road trip with the main destination, a very good restaurant that I’d wanted to visit for many years, but we weren’t about to leave the Tri-Cities area without a visit to a very neat little restaurant chain. Continue reading “Pal’s Sudden Service, Johnson City TN”

Photo Post 14: The Rex in Jacksonville FL

In August of last year, we spent a day in Chattanooga and made a stop by Sir Goony’s for me to run around with the camera shooting the various mini-golf obstacles. One of these obstacles was a big orange tyrannosaur. The Goony Golf chain was a 1960s-era ripoff of Florida’s Goofy Golf. Roadside Architecture has documented all these surviving places fairly well – about a million times better than we can ever do – and while I was looking around her site for ideas for toddler-friendly things to do and see in Jacksonville, I was pleased to see that a lone Goony tyrannosaur was still standing guard at a shopping center. (You want dinosaurs in Florida? She’s got two pages of them!) Continue reading “Photo Post 14: The Rex in Jacksonville FL”

Photo Post 12: Sir Goony’s in Chattanooga

Here’s something I’ve been wanting to do for many, many months. We first drove past Sir Goony’s one day last year as we were using Brainerd Road to cross the area instead of I-24, and, earlier in the summer, I had an early lunch right next door to it at Rib & Loin, but this was the first chance that I’ve had to spend a few minutes walking around the course taking pictures of the statues and obstacles. I picked some of the best photos for you to see. Continue reading “Photo Post 12: Sir Goony’s in Chattanooga”