Culver’s, Dawsonville GA

Two months ago, Marie and I took our son to Amicalola Falls, and I had a cunning plan to swing by the new Culver’s that had opened in that long, deeply depressing strip of one-off buildings and drive-thru restaurants on GA-400 along the outlet mall. This is the stretch of road where the Varsity Jr. relocated its iconic store on Lindbergh and added a playground. A playground. You’re shaking your head right now just thinking about it, I can tell. Continue reading “Culver’s, Dawsonville GA”


Big D’s BBQ, Dawsonville GA

When I worked in Alpharetta some years back, I used to occasionally enjoy lunch at Big D’s BBQ on Windward Parkway. They were only at that location for maybe eight months before joining the very, very long list of failed restaurants along that corridor and retreating northward to the growing sprawl around Dawsonville. Continue reading “Big D’s BBQ, Dawsonville GA”

Photo Post 5: The Pink Panthers at Flack’s Flooring

It’s not as though I’ve driven up GA-400 way past the point where it becomes a regular-access, traffic-light managed corridor very often, but just about every time, I was distracted by an incredible collection of weird statues in front of a jukebox store called Cherokee Music between Cumming and Dawsonville. On both occasions that we visited Dahlonega’s Smith House for this blog, I said to myself that I should come by and photograph the menagerie. For no other reason, I felt that I owed it to the proprietors for reminding me of The Inspector, a DePatie-Freleng / UA cartoon that I loved as a kid. Continue reading “Photo Post 5: The Pink Panthers at Flack’s Flooring”