A Made-in-Chattanooga Dessert: The Scenic City Shake

Around the dawn of time, I had a silly idea about a special all-Chattanooga dessert drink. I knew that it would be a silly indulgence, but we’re bloggers. We indulge.

One day last month, I dropped Marie off at the MoonPie General Store and circled the block. She ran in and bought one chocolate mini-MoonPie and one bottle of Double Cola.

When I wrote a story about their general store two years ago, I said that it was a shame that MoonPie continues their affiliations with inferior national brands. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if they latched their brand onto other Chattanooga-based businesses, instead of drinks from Georgia? And wouldn’t it be extra super interesting if you mixed three of these Chattanooga treats into one dessert?

That’s why, after Marie got back in, we drove across the bridge and parked in the lot by the carousel. We had a great lunch at River Street Deli and then walked upstairs to Clumpies Ice Cream. There, our son had a scoop of strawberry and Marie had a scoop of campfire and I sat down with a cookies and cream milkshake and an extra cup.

This is what you do: crush and crumble the MoonPie, pour in some Double Cola, pour in some Clumpies, stir and drink and thank heaven you live in a world where such a tasty sweet treat is available. I call this all-Chattanooga drink the Scenic City Shake and strongly encourage all of our readers to make one themselves.

If anybody from Mayor Berke’s office is reading, I don’t want the key to the city. Just a proclamation that everybody should have one will do. I’d also like more affordable housing, for Hamm Road to be repaved, and for that stupid left turn arrow on 4th and Chestnut to stay green a little longer.

Note: I should remind readers that our fair city is home to not just one but two soda companies. I did indeed consider trying this with a bottle of the most excellent Cafe Cola from Pure Sodaworks, and indeed Pure is actually already available in Clumpies. However, I think this drink mixes the nationally-known MoonPie and the nostalgic pull of the tasty Double Cola with something very small and local. That’s three different tiers, you see. However, I’m sure our good readers would be happy to experiment and find the right mix of sodas and flavors. Perhaps Pure’s apple soda might go really well with a vanilla MoonPie…

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