Ammons Drive-In and Dairy Bar, Waynesville NC

We agreed that it had been a disagreeably long time since we visited Asheville, and so began scheduling a trip. Earlier this month, we drove back to western North Carolina to spend a day in this beautiful country and the city that we really, really love. This time, we took a much different path getting there. Continue reading “Ammons Drive-In and Dairy Bar, Waynesville NC”


Stillhouse Craft Burgers & Moonshine, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)

One of the most pleasant surprises that we’ve had in recent months has been our visit to Stillhouse, where we were anticipating some pretty good bar burgers and were given, instead, some downright excellent ones. The restaurant’s PR company invited us to their media launch last month and we left very impressed. Continue reading “Stillhouse Craft Burgers & Moonshine, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)”

Em’s Kitchen, Athens GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about breakfast in Athens. I’d first run across a mention of Em’s Kitchen on one of my favorite mommy blogs, the wonderfully eclectic My So-Called Mommy Life, from a post way back in the spring. Sadly, we go to Athens far less often than I’d like, and we didn’t get around to trying the place out until now. It is a breakfast and lunch place which does brunch on the weekends. Continue reading “Em’s Kitchen, Athens GA”

Article 14, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)

We were invited to visit Article 14 in midtown on the occasion of a new fall menu spearheaded by the executive chef, Chris Blobaum. Article 14 is one of a small number of places in town owned by Legacy Restaurant Partners, including a trio of well-known places at Marietta Street and Baker downtown: Der Biergarten, Stats, and the really good Max’s Coal Oven Pizza, one of our city’s most underrated pizza joints. Continue reading “Article 14, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)”

Chick-a-Biddy, Atlanta GA

Shaun Doty and Lance Gummere’s latest chicken restaurant, Chick-a-Biddy, opened earlier this summer in the Atlantic Station development. I confess that I was in no particular rush to visit this place, but purely from a blogger standpoint, and not from an eater’s. Earlier this year, I stopped by its sister restaurant, the equally bizarrely-named Bantam & Biddy. I didn’t particularly enjoy that meal, but that’s entirely my fault. I’ve never liked poutine and wondered whether some celebrated Atlanta chefs could change my mind. They couldn’t; enough said. Continue reading “Chick-a-Biddy, Atlanta GA”

B & D Burgers, Savannah GA

I had hoped that on this most recent trip to south Georgia, we would be able to do a much better job covering the city of Savannah and exploring its restaurants. Unfortunately, we only visited one new place, but it was certainly a terrific one. Marie had originally wanted to spend a couple of hours enjoying some good toddler time at the recently-opened Savannah Children’s Museum, and while they played, the girlchild and I were going to visit a couple of places. Unfortunately, it was raining. This children’s museum is still in its initial fundraising stages and has only opened one area to the public, and it is outdoors. They didn’t want to play in the mud and rain, madly. Continue reading “B & D Burgers, Savannah GA”

Photo Post 9: The Varsity, Atlanta GA

Everybody has written about the Varsity and shared all the same anecdotes, but for our 700th post here at Marie, Let’s Eat!, we wanted to come up with something special, so why not finally show off this Atlanta landmark and roadfood classic? But there’s something even more special about the Varsity that you probably don’t know. There’s a secret burger that’s not on the menu and it is, quite honestly, the best thing that you can order here. Continue reading “Photo Post 9: The Varsity, Atlanta GA”