Photo Post 9: The Varsity, Atlanta GA

Everybody has written about the Varsity and shared all the same anecdotes, but for our 700th post here at Marie, Let’s Eat!, we wanted to come up with something special, so why not finally show off this Atlanta landmark and roadfood classic? But there’s something even more special about the Varsity that you probably don’t know. There’s a secret burger that’s not on the menu and it is, quite honestly, the best thing that you can order here.

See, when you order a pimento cheeseburger at the Varsity – up until about 1997, you didn’t have to specify pimento, a cheeseburger naturally came with it – you get a big, gooey glob of pimento cheese on their fast food patty, and nothing else. And a glorified burger comes with lettuce and tomato and mayo. What you do is order a glorified burger with pimento. What they’ll give you is the best thing around.

I think that it works because the crunch of the lettuce goes extremely well with the creaminess of the mayo and pimento cheese. Have one of these and split some onion rings with a friend – no adult needs all the grease from a single order of those – or have some fries. I wouldn’t suggest this anywhere else but the Varsity, but you also want a chocolate milk with this burger. Trust me.

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6 thoughts on “Photo Post 9: The Varsity, Atlanta GA

  1. That is the messiest and sloppiest looking cheeseburger that I’ve ever seen. I know what I’m eating for dinner tonight!

  2. We came to Dragon Con and finally, after all these years, got to try the Varsity. Was it worth the wait? Kind of. The food was blah, but how wild was that crowd?

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