Panic on the Streets of Asheville – part one

We have visited Asheville several times before. We have come up during the chaos and craziness of the Bele Chere Festival three times, and we’ve come to town when the city wasn’t being turned upside down by it. So we were a little surprised to see the downtown area almost as packed with people in November as it is during the last weekend of July. It turned out that we were in town at the same time that Widespread Panic was playing a two-night stand at the civic center downtown. There are street musicians all over the place in Asheville all the time anyway, but this time the whole city was singing with guitars and saxophones and dulcimers and washtub basses. Continue reading “Panic on the Streets of Asheville – part one”


Photo Post 9: The Varsity, Atlanta GA

Everybody has written about the Varsity and shared all the same anecdotes, but for our 700th post here at Marie, Let’s Eat!, we wanted to come up with something special, so why not finally show off this Atlanta landmark and roadfood classic? But there’s something even more special about the Varsity that you probably don’t know. There’s a secret burger that’s not on the menu and it is, quite honestly, the best thing that you can order here. Continue reading “Photo Post 9: The Varsity, Atlanta GA”