Hankook Taqueria, Atlanta GA

Oh, my. I finally made a lunchtime trip over to Hankook and I’m hopeful that it won’t be the last time. This is, honestly, getting ridiculous, trying to balance all the wonderful new places that we have found over the last couple of years that we would like to revisit while also looking for brand-new-to-us joints on which we may report.

It’s opened in the space previously occupied by a meat-and-two called Good Eats and still, about two years after opening, retains some of their signage and very simple, basic decor. What any reader can learn with minimal effort is that it’s owned by Tomas Lee, former executive chef at Buckhead Diner, and that it’s sort of a cafeteria-line version of Korean street food.

I forgot the camera when I first visited, which is just as well, because as I’m sure our readers know all too well by now, whenever I attempt to photograph tacos, they look amazingly unappealing. I need to get some tips from one of our peers and do a better job with these.

I ordered the Gogi nachos along with one pork taco, which was a big mistake. I definitely should have just ordered three tacos, because the bulgogi was a huge disappointment. I agree with Eat it, Atlanta about the limp, flavorless bulgogi in this gigantic enough-for-three offering.

The pork taco was leagues and leagues better. I really loved the way that the flavors of the shredded pork mixed with the spicy sauce. It’s a terrific price for a good bit of food, and I left very pleased with the taste, very much looking forward to a return, but also very unhappy with my choices. Not knowing much of anything about the place going in, I defaulted for “Tex-Mex” when I should have looked into all of their Korean street food-styled offerings. Nachos. Good grief, I should be ashamed of myself. I was. I went back, determined to correct my error.

For my second visit, I decided to try the chicken, which, on a taco, was every bit as good as the pork. Unable to resist how good the pork taco had been, I had some more of it, this time served on little slider hamburger buns. I still didn’t quite dig into the fun-sounding things like dumplings. Maybe on a third trip!

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  1. next time try the fries and the bibimbap. the dumplings are very good also but the other two items are crazy good!

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