Taqueria el Milagro, Chamblee GA

Our friend Edgar organized another meetup at a really good place in Dekalb County, this one a joint we’d never heard of before. Taqueria el Milagro is right off the interstate on Shallowford, in a beat-up strip mall without too much parking, and they are serving up some really terrific Mexican food, mostly from authentic recipes.

We had a group of about twenty for the get-together, and we kept the excellent servers buzzing with new trips back and forth to the kitchen for more chips and salsas. They bring out four to the table, nothing unusual for Mexican restaurants in this area, except that I was very surprised to enjoy the mildest red of the batch the most. I was really tempted to see about taking some of that home with me.

Marie and I each ordered the sort of meals that you might find at a suburban Tex-Mex El-This-Los-That joint, but what we received was better in almost every way. I had an order of chilaquiles, which, in the hands of lesser restaurants, is kind of like nachos with that typically dry chicken. These, however, were simply wonderful, with a great salsa poured over very flavorful chicken. Paired with some perfectly cooked and seasoned rice and some of the best refried beans I’ve ever had anywhere – very creamy, and with a good dusting of freshly grated cheese – this was a splendid meal.

Marie ordered the house special burrito, which came with a bit more rice than I like to see in burritos, but all the ingredients were excellent and she really enjoyed it. All of the other items that were passed around for us to share, like plantains and guacamole, were also really good. There’s not a huge amount that we can add to that; this is a no-frills restaurant that does their job extremely well, with very good service and great food. I’d definitely enjoy stopping by again one day!

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