Taco Roc, Chattanooga TN (take two)

If you enjoy tacos as much as I do, then Chattanooga has some terrific options. This place on Lee Highway is really popular, especially at lunch time, for some traditional Mexican tacos and tasty homemade salsa. Continue reading “Taco Roc, Chattanooga TN (take two)”


El Rey del Taco, Doraville GA (take two)

This is the quintessential example of a blogger-only problem, but I’ve about hit the point where the thrill of visiting a new-to-me restaurant on Buford Highway is actually not quite as guaranteed as the pleasure of revisiting one of the greats that I’ve gotten to know a little bit. So if I’m in the mood for tacos on this stretch of road, I might want to try something new, and certainly will again, but I’m also likely to want to return to either El SeƱor Taco, which might just have the best salsa bar in the city, or Martin Macias’s El Rey del Taco, which, two and a half years ago, was the very first Buford Highway restaurant that we featured here. (How many more we’ve been to after this!) Continue reading “El Rey del Taco, Doraville GA (take two)”

Taqueria Real de la Villa, Marietta GA

Some months back, when we visited Tasty China for the first time, I noticed that the strip mall on the other side of Franklin Road had a little grocery store in it, and, right on the sign next to it, the inviting word “Taqueria.” It may not be an absolute, but in our experience, you can usually get some pretty good and inexpensive tacos in the back of a grocery store. At this place, they’re more than just “pretty” good. Continue reading “Taqueria Real de la Villa, Marietta GA”

Old Brick Pit, Chamblee GA (take two)

One of these days, I need to go up to Roswell and do a proper expedition of all the sixty-eleven taco joints on Highway 9 below Holcomb Bridge Road. There are quite a few of them. The kids and I were in town one Saturday to do a little beer shopping and I thought we’d get a hamburger. Driving north through the area, however, I changed my mind and pulled into Tacos Linda Vista. It is one of the newest places to set up here, in a building that had previously been home to another taqueria, Tacos Frisa. We’ve all been going back and forth about what the restaurant was before that. I say it was a Kentucky Fried Chicken, but I can’t get any consensus on that point. What say you, dear reader? Continue reading “Old Brick Pit, Chamblee GA (take two)”