Pollo d’el Rey, Chamblee GA

One of the older little strip centers on Buford Highway, on the left if you’re going south inside the perimeter, has been home to a Domino’s Pizza – sorry, we’re not allowed to call them that anymore, they’re just Domino’s – for thirty years. Since Buford Highway is constantly changing and evolving, even more than most corridors in Atlanta – at least five of the restaurants that we’ve featured here in the last three years have shuttered, including two announced just this past weekend – we sort of notice when something sticks around that long, especially since even the larger national chains abandon their buildings or knock them down with oddball regularity here.

Plus, I have a remarkable anecdote about this Domino’s that I’d love to tell you one day, off the record. Buy me a ginger ale sometime. Continue reading “Pollo d’el Rey, Chamblee GA”


Contigo Peru, Chamblee GA

Good grief, here’s a place that I noticed when I was out driving around with our friend David years ago. Years. It’s on Chamblee-Dunwoody right as it crosses Peachtree Industrial, the sort of place that you’ll see out of the corner of your eye and promptly forget. It’s been on a short list of places that I’d wanted to visit with David ever since, and, last month, we finally got the chance to stop by. Continue reading “Contigo Peru, Chamblee GA”

Machu Picchu, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)

Tucked down on the south end of Buford Highway, its back turned against the avenue and facing instead the anchors of a strip mall, there’s a little Peruvian place called Machu Picchu that has quietly been drawing in crowds for the last twenty years. Our friends Vincent and Helen were in town and recommended that we give it a try. Everybody was in the mood for chicken, and so while this and the three or four other Peruvian restaurants in town have a reputation for seafood, we went with their chicken dishes. Continue reading “Machu Picchu, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)”