The Mughals, Norcross GA

Back in August, the children and I had met up with Vincent and Helen and some of their friends at Swapna for a big Saturday lunch. I tweeted my pleasant surprise that they had Chicken 65 on the buffet. I’d never seen that on a buffet before. It was pretty good, too, but not a patch on Zyka’s. Continue reading “The Mughals, Norcross GA”


Moksha Kitchen, Duluth GA

If you were to search deep in the recesses of our blog’s infancy, or, I suppose, if you were to click this link, you’d find that, once upon a time, I was enraptured, enamored and totally in love with this one Indian restaurant in Roswell. It was called Moksha, and when it closed, I was bereft. Continue reading “Moksha Kitchen, Duluth GA”

Rose of India, Chamblee GA

Rose of India is a newer restaurant in a very old building. It’s, I think, three doors north of Old Brick Pit on Peachtree. Years and years back, I came down from Alpharetta, where I then lived, for a meal at Old Brick Pit and found they’d closed for the evening, and ended up in this building instead. I am not sure what it was then, but it might have been a Tex-Mex joint. I definitely remembered the slanted walls and large windows, even if the visit made no other impact. Continue reading “Rose of India, Chamblee GA”

Himalayan Spice, Atlanta GA

Last week, when I was talking about Chai Pani, I referenced the upscale presentation of the typical Indian restaurant that we most often see in America, the tuxedo-n-curry type of business. I hope that I was very clear that my statements in no way belittled the food itself, which is frequently very good, but expressed a malaise with the tedious predictability of the dining experience, from knowing what you’ll find on the menu to what you’ll see on the walls, to what you’ll hear played over the PA system: polite, unthreatening, softly played music, the sort of gentle sitar pieces, occasionally with plaintive vocal accompaniment, that you might hear while getting a massage. This is why the raucous and joyful cacaphony that we now associate with Bollywood soundtracks was such a pleasant surprise to me; at least two generations in this country were convinced that all Indian music sounds like Ravi Shankar and his pals tuning their instruments at the start of the Concert for Bangla Desh, when there was so much more to learn. Continue reading “Himalayan Spice, Atlanta GA”

Chai Pani, Decatur GA

A couple of years ago, I found my favorite Indian restaurant. It’s up in Asheville and it’s called Chai Pani. They announced shortly afterward that they were looking forward to expanding and opening a second store in Atlanta. I’ve been waiting impatiently ever since. Continue reading “Chai Pani, Decatur GA”

Zyka and Niramish, Atlanta GA

A few years ago, Marie and I enjoyed a restaurant that was in one of the strangest locations anybody could think to set up one: inside an old roller skating rink. I was reminded of that when I pulled into what used to be a church on Scott Boulevard in Decatur. Most of the building is now a Montessori school, but the old rec room and kitchen has been refurbished into a no-frills Indian restaurant and banquet facility called Zyka, and it’s completely wonderful. Continue reading “Zyka and Niramish, Atlanta GA”

Chat Patti, Atlanta GA

A few months ago, when I resolved to start sampling more of Atlanta’s Indian restaurants, we got a few ideas via email and Twitter for new places to try. One of our readers, Viraj Deshmukh, recommended that I stop by Chat Patti, a popular vegetarian joint that’s located in that little “elbow” between Briarcliff and North Druid Hills, sort of between the Super Target and Tin Roof Cantina. Continue reading “Chat Patti, Atlanta GA”