Masti, Atlanta GA

Marie is so unpredictable. She says that she doesn’t care for Indian food, but she really, really enjoyed the Bangladeshi cuisine at Purnima. So I thought that I found a pretty interesting possibility to please her in Masti, which opened earlier this year in Toco Hills, in the space vacated by Osteria Cibo Rustica, and advertises that it’s “fun” Indian. Continue reading “Masti, Atlanta GA”


Pijiu Belly, Atlanta GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Pijiu Belly, a pub-type Korean-American fusion restaurant with some really interesting blends on the menu. I went with some foodie friends to have an evening there and we all had a blast. I’d had some worries that I might have to pull out but made it, and I’m glad; it was one of the most cheerful evenings I’ve had in a while. Continue reading “Pijiu Belly, Atlanta GA”