More Songs About Buildings and Food

Regarding Atlanta, we are done. After writing about 720 different restaurants in the metro Atlanta area, we have moved to Tennessee and, unless something really amazing demands to be eaten and documented, we think it’s time to stop talking about Atlanta and pay more attention to other places. Continue reading “More Songs About Buildings and Food”


Introducing Eat the Globe

Stepping aside from our usual stories today, I wanted to let our readers know about an incredibly interesting website. Sure, we find lots of fun foodie hobby blogs on our travels, and link to them within our stories when it’s appropriate, but Eat the Globe is a little outside our normal jaunts and haunts and so we might not otherwise have a chance to point it out to you good people. Continue reading “Introducing Eat the Globe”

Special announcement: Come to Florence in May!

We are hugely pleased to have been asked to come to Alabama and participate in Florence Restaurant Week next month from May 9 – 17. The event is organized by Florence Main Street, who explain, “Historic downtown Florence, Alabama, is a unique and wonderful place. Florence Main Street is a non-profit organization designed to keep it that way! Main Street’s mission is to bring attention to the unique character of Florence’s historic commercial district while promoting progressive marketing and retail management techniques.Continue reading “Special announcement: Come to Florence in May!”

Special Announcement: Read Grant’s guest post at “Taste Trekkers”

A couple of months ago, Seth Resler of Find Dining and Taste Trekkers reached out to me to write a post for him. That makes a nice change. Normally, what we get are the garbage that every blogger gets: Do you accept guest posts? We’ll pay you $100 to host a “story” about offshore online gambling! We’ll even write it and everything!

Seth is awesome and we love his organization, which puts on a food and travel expo about culinary tourism. Sounds like the most fun anybody could have in Providence, other than eating lots of clam pizza. Continue reading “Special Announcement: Read Grant’s guest post at “Taste Trekkers””

Bloggers Invade Chai Pani

Here’s another thing that happened while we were in Asheville. While we were enjoying a little picnic lunch on Wall Street, I noticed the big sign for Chai Pani on the back of the Battery Park building where they’re located. I had planned to have lunch at Mediterranean Restaurant, and almost abandoned that plan to go have a big indulgence at my favorite Indian place instead. Then I remembered that I’d be having supper at Chai Pani’s Atlanta-area store in Decatur just a few days later and came to my senses. Continue reading “Bloggers Invade Chai Pani”