Special Announcement: Read Grant’s guest post at “Taste Trekkers”

A couple of months ago, Seth Resler of Find Dining and Taste Trekkers reached out to me to write a post for him. That makes a nice change. Normally, what we get are the garbage that every blogger gets: Do you accept guest posts? We’ll pay you $100 to host a “story” about offshore online gambling! We’ll even write it and everything!

Seth is awesome and we love his organization, which puts on a food and travel expo about culinary tourism. Sounds like the most fun anybody could have in Providence, other than eating lots of clam pizza.

Anyway, I was reluctant to do a “top five” of Atlanta barbecue, because I’ve seen how top five/ten lists get misused as click bait, and how they spark dumb arguments, and I didn’t want that. I wanted to right a wrong. I’m still steamed about how Robb Walsh, author of Barbecue Crossroads, did Georgia barbecue such a disservice, but he’s not the only one. It aggravates me when people on barbecue road trips through the southeast spend all their time and money in Memphis and Lexington and make a token stop at Fox Brothers on the way from one to the other.

Atlanta is awesome if you are looking in the right places. Sure, our traffic stinks, our civic officials are incompetent, our pro sports teams self-destruct when they’re not leaving town, and we’re afeared of public transit, but we know how to eat well. I could have talked about Ford Fry’s or Ron Eyester’s restaurants or the great fun of Buford Highway, but I decided instead to write about how Atlanta is home to some very disparate and very individual barbecue joints. This isn’t a “top five,” it’s Five Unique Barbecue Experiences in Atlanta. I’m very happy with it and hope that you enjoy it, too. Go read it and tell us what you think!


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