Viceroy Royal Indian Dining, Dunwoody GA

So Marie was out of town with our son, and, as regular readers might recall, she doesn’t particularly care for Indian food. I dropped our friends Helen and Vincent a line. “We can eat all the Indian food we want!” I had a couple of places in mind that I wanted to try, but Helen said that I’d been avoiding one of her favorite Atlanta-area Indian restaurants, Viceroy in Dunwoody, long enough. They are best known for their weekend lunch buffets, but we came in the evening and ordered enough food between the three of us – thanks to a pair of sampler platters – that we effectively made a buffet of our own.

Viceroy is in the back of that Wal-Mart plaza on Ashford-Dunwoody Road, about a mile north of the perimeter. Once upon a time, there had been a Borders bookstore in this strip mall. There’s also a Jason’s Deli here. Years ago, when I worked at an insurance company in the nearby Ravinia complex, we ordered from that Jason’s Deli every other week or so.

I hadn’t seen our friends for several weeks, so we had lots to talk about and catch up on, and happily took forever to finalize what we wanted to try, deciding that an entree and two large sampler platters would do very well. We ordered a bowl of okra and a bowl of chicken vindaloo, and then we added to the repast with a Viceroy Special and a Seafood Delight. So we also enjoyed tandoori chicken and shrimp, lamb boti kebab, lamb curry, vegetable masala, shrimp masala, shrimp pakora, fish tikka, basmati rice, and naan. This was all ample food for three to share, and everything was really good.

While I’m assured that the buffet here is excellent, I’m very pleased with the meal that we created for ourselves. We had a wonderful time enjoying the mix of flavors. Everything tasted freshly prepared, and if we went a little heavy on the meats this time, we know to try a vegetarian thali on the next trip.

What’s more, as good as it all was, I think that the scoop of mango ice cream might have been my favorite thing. Good grief, that was completely delicious! I suggested to our server that they buy out the package store next door and open an ice cream parlor. Forget those lassi yogurt drinks; they need to sell mango milkshakes with whipped cream and a cherry. Oddly, I had been introduced to Honest Ade brand mango juice earlier that afternoon. I guess that it was a mango kind of day!

You can see all the restaurants that we have visited for our blog on this map, with links back to the original blog posts. It’s a terrific resource for anybody planning a road trip through the southeast!