Photo Post 19: Repurposed Shrimp Boats in Decatur GA

I’ve been telling myself for a really long time to get over to this former Shrimp Boats at 2139 Lawrenceville Highway in Decatur and take some pictures of it. The one that accompanied our first story (linked above) was contributed by a reader. Last month, I stopped by to see it in person.

Some of the other tenants of this building have included Papa Joe’s Pizza (2000-2002), Skyspeed Distributors (2002-2012, which has moved next door), and Dekalb Watch and Jewelry Service & Repair (2013). The InstaLoan opened here in late 2013.

There’s an old garage behind the building; I’m not sure whether it’s used for anything. Eagle-eyed viewers might also spot a small patch of green, slimy moss along the right-hand side of the building, across the sidewalk and creeping up the side. Turns out that wet moss, on an afternoon where it’s rained off and on, can be really slick.

None of the pier posts or other ephemera that the 1969-era Shrimp Boats buildings had are still in evidence in this location. Shrimp Boats closed here in 1974; I’m not certain what occupied the building between then and Papa Joe’s in 2000.

As ever, we’re looking for more facts, details, old ads, menus, and memories of Shrimp Boats. If you have corrections, or anything you’d like to add, addresses that you can confirm, or photographs of repurposed buildings outside of our usual travel radius, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch!

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