da Via Italian Market Eating, Dunwoody GA (CLOSED)

Occasionally, we will attend a media event and the organizers will give us some proper, professional photos. We never use these. You probably figured that out, right? Well, earlier this month, we were invited to the opening of da Via and oh, my heavens, what came out of my camera made me weep. This is a really nice new place with very flavorful food and a lively, fun attitude, and we’d kill the place stone dead by using the mess that I shot. Continue reading “da Via Italian Market Eating, Dunwoody GA (CLOSED)”

Willy’s Mexicana Grill, Atlanta GA

A very brief history of burrito joints in Georgia: for about ten years after the first of the region’s Tex-Mex restaurants, Monterrey, opened, burritos were those things served on hot plates at El-This-Los-That joints, covered in sauce. In the mid-1980s, The Mean Bean in Athens might have been the first in the area to serve up burritos that you could eat on the go, wraps filled with – in their case – deliciously seasoned refried beans and other fillings. Right around that time (1984), a couple of legendary shops opened in Atlanta that gave guests more traditional San Francisco “Mission”-style burritos that, instead of refried beans, used either pinto or black beans. Frijoleros and Tortillas are still mentioned in hushed tones by the faithful. Oddly, Frijoleros fumbled when it tried to open a second location in Athens, failing after a couple of years, and the Mean Bean was even less successful when it crashed and burned in Atlanta’s Little Five Points. I recall that Creative Loafing‘s Cliff Bostock, a loud proponent of Tortillas and their fresh veggies, was utterly baffled by the Mean Bean’s use of refried beans and canned peppers. Continue reading “Willy’s Mexicana Grill, Atlanta GA”

That Pie Place, Dunwoody GA (CLOSED)

This is Marie, contributing an article about pies. There is hardly any food substance short of chocolate that is dearer to my heart than pies, and unfortunately that means that many a time I have had my heart broken. You know that exciting feeling you used to get as a kid when you emptied out your Halloween bag onto the bed and saw that someone had given you a couple of full-sized chocolate bars? Or the disappointment when you saw that nearly all the chocolate was that generic chalky stuff that comes in foil wrappers with badly-drawn cartoon ghosts and no brand name on them? Well, that experience is very like how I feel about pies, which is why, unless I can actually see the pie in a display case, I hardly ever order a slice. Because all too often, you get a plate of disappointment that reminds you of the chalk-olate Halloween candy. Continue reading “That Pie Place, Dunwoody GA (CLOSED)”

Seasons 52’s Spring Menu

This is Marie, contributing an article about the latest update to the Seasons 52 menu. We received an invitation to try out the latest dishes as a lunch rather than the blogger group visit we’d had the last few times.You may have read our articles about previous visits, and rather than a big event with several entrees presented, Grant and I had a cozy meal by ourselves. We need to do a few more just-us lunches together. It’s been remarked before that the baby has been remarkably well-behaved in restaurants, but he is still a baby – or rather, a toddler, with all that implies – so good behavior still does require a good bit of attention and pre-planning. The last visit we took to Seasons 52 on our own dime, sometime last year, was apparently on a day when his wiggles were in particularly large supply, and it wasn’t the most successful of meals. This one made up for that last visit quite well. Continue reading “Seasons 52’s Spring Menu”

Alison’s Restaurant, Dunwoody GA (CLOSED)

Once every blue moon, I suggest that I bring the baby and meet Marie for supper in Dunwoody on a Friday night, sparing her the awful, awful evening rush hour drive home. Once every blue moon, in other words, I subject myself to it rather than her. Continue reading “Alison’s Restaurant, Dunwoody GA (CLOSED)”

Alon’s Bakery, Dunwoody GA (take two)

(Every once in a while, Marie goes to a restaurant that I’d visited without her, and about which I’d written a chapter, and feels that I could have captured it a little better. Rather than revising our previous story about Alon’s, here’s a revisit.)

Dear Grant,

I had the chance to go to Alon’s and didn’t think you said all there was to say about the place. Maybe you could add just a little more, at least in the way of photos? Even if not, at least you’ll know what kind of photos my phone is capable of, so I will be able to use it instead of borrowing the camera. Continue reading “Alon’s Bakery, Dunwoody GA (take two)”

Farm Burger, Dunwoody GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Farm Burger Dunwoody, a recent addition to the franchise that we first visited in Decatur three years ago. We wound up there because of an unfortunate rebellion on the part of my car which required Grant to pick me up from the repair shop to which it had been towed. The baby in particular was totally thrown off and spent some time in the car sobbing that he wanted “eat-eat!” It’s hard to explain to someone with a still-limited grasp of English that although we needed to stop at an unnamed fast-food franchise to take advantage of their changing table (sorry, anonymous restaurant – I will have lunch with you sometime soon to make up for carrying a bellowing unhappy baby though your door) we were not stopping there, and the fries he would get at the actual location were going to be eating are better in all possible ways. And luckily we do keep a few munchies in the diaper bag for situations like this. Continue reading “Farm Burger, Dunwoody GA”