Alon’s Bakery, Dunwoody GA (take two)

(Every once in a while, Marie goes to a restaurant that I’d visited without her, and about which I’d written a chapter, and feels that I could have captured it a little better. Rather than revising our previous story about Alon’s, here’s a revisit.)

Dear Grant,

I had the chance to go to Alon’s and didn’t think you said all there was to say about the place. Maybe you could add just a little more, at least in the way of photos? Even if not, at least you’ll know what kind of photos my phone is capable of, so I will be able to use it instead of borrowing the camera.

The folks at work all got lunch comped today as a morale booster, and after some discussion which threatened to to turn in despair towards pizza, I luckily recalled some delectable cookies that a co-worker’s exceedingly caring husband had gifted her with for Valentine’s Day. She’d shared them because a dozen is far too much to eat alone, and they were superb. So I said jokingly that I would be glad to eat cookies for lunch, then went and checked their web site’s menu. We all agreed this would be suitable, even for the one person who wanted a veggie sandwich, and I volunteered to do the pickup. The store itself is incredibly packed with yummy things. I would have been happy to browse and putter for my whole lunch break but luckily had to zip in and out. Luckily for me, they hadn’t finished the order and I did get some browsing time.

The first thing that grabbed my attention, and I mean glue-your-nose-to-the-glass passion was these pastries. Oh, my. There were also macarons. Grant, take note that you might want to check those out soon. They also had King of Pops in multiple flavors, and some Fentiman’s, and a cheese counter serviced by an actual employee dedicated to the stuff. This might has well have been designed especially for my enjoyment.

We had a discussion about the prices while enjoying our lunches, and agreed that while the food was expensive, it was also well out of the ordinary. I must commend the lovely condiments used on the roast beef. Generally I don’t like condiments much as I find they overpower the meat, but these were mild enough to complement it perfectly, and although there was an awful lot of it, the taste was so good I didn’t mind.


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