Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, Dunwoody GA

This is Marie, contributing a short article about Tin Lizzy’s new lobster taco. Tin Lizzy’s has been growing pretty steadily since they opened their first store in 2005. They now have nine locations around Atlanta, and. since our last story about them, they have added their first out-of-town store, in Augusta GA. Next month, they plan to open in Columbia SC.

Their latest menu offering is a lobster taco and I was invited to come try it. First of all, it was delicious. Second, there’s a complication. Due to the fact that I discovered too late that there is bacon in the slaw, and I am one of the three people in the world who don’t like the stuff, (nothing against those who do, of course!) it was necessary to ask for an accommodation. So I got the lobster taco with the alternate slaw, Asian-style. It’s zingy and just a little spicy and went very well with the crispy lightly-battered lobster. Together they have a really nice texture with the cool, creamy/crunchy slaw and the tender meat in a crisp warm crust. I enjoyed it a lot, and it’s available at quite a nice price point.

I do wonder what the regular version would be like; thanks to the chef Jose Monroy, who was kind enough to snap this image (below) of the regular version for me, you can see it too:

He was a little worried that the Asian slaw wouldn’t go as well as the one that was designed for this taco, needlessly in my case. Please let me know if you try both kinds and have an option on the comparison!

This Tin Lizzy’s is in Dunwoody, on Perimeter Center West. It’s a very nice spot for a quick lunch, or a long afternoon with friends, with a nice patio.

(As noted, this was a media event and our meal was complimentary. It’s our policy to always note when we’ve received our meal without charge. If you would like to invite us to your restaurant’s media events, please drop Grant a line at gmslegion@gmail.com .)

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