Ike & Jane, Athens GA

This past Wednesday, I practiced my notion of visiting Athens and enjoying two small meals, at least one of which I can write up for this blog, on either side of spending a couple of hours downtown visiting friends and buying comic books. For this trip, I had a small sandwich and a bowl of chicken mull at the Butt Hutt, about which I wrote in July, and then moseyed over to Ike & Jane on Prince Avenue on my way out of town for a devilishly decadent treat.

Of course, it’s Marie who has the sweet tooth in the family. I mean, I like a milkshake more than most anybody, but I don’t necessarily need pastries or cupcakes, and most days I’d just as soon have a second sandwich somewhere for a snack. On the other hand, there’s a really good way to get my attention, and that’s add one of my favorite breakfast cereals to a really good cake doughnut, as shown here.

Now, I confess, what I wanted to do here was make Marie a little jealous that I enjoyed such a nice sweet treat on my early day off. It turns out that I was stymied here, because while I was in Athens totally loving these Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms treats, Marie was treating herself, after a doctor’s visit, to an eclair at Doceur de France in Marietta, a place long overdue for a chapter here. Those are mighty, mighty fine eclairs, but we’ll agree to disagree about who had the better treat.

This is actually important to my narrative, because my desire to make Marie envious is what led me to the breakfast cereal doughnuts and not the bakery’s real spectacle, a little beast called an Elvis doughnut, topped with peanut butter, bananas and bacon. I’m sure that thing is all kinds of amazing, but Marie doesn’t like bacon – we’ve been over that, right? – and wouldn’t be jealous of me if I brought home a picture of that. So we’ll save that level of decadence for another visit.

Anyway, Ike & Jane also offers sandwiches and soups that all sound quite delightful, and a variety of muffins and coffees at very affordable prices. I had the two doughnuts and an Arnold Palmer for just three bucks and change, which is incredibly reasonable for a midafternoon snack. I’d tell you more about the menu, but their website is a little askew at the moment, and I can’t bring up a menu that I can scroll down to read in full. Their site does have a blog, and I recommend you check back to the entries from November ’08, when the owners and their families and some contractors used a heck of a lot of elbow grease to get the place up and running.

One thing that I learned from the blog is that I should have noticed a sign offering 10% off your total if you entertain the staff and customers by ordering in some silly fashion that the cashier has proscribed, and which changes daily. Heck, I’m not proud, I’d have batted off some invisible flames for 32 cents. I’ve done stupider for less.