White Tiger Gourmet, Athens GA

I forget where I first heard of this wonderful little place that opened in Athens last year, but it was almost certainly either from Hillary at Flagpole, or that delightful Foodieville WordPress blog which doesn’t get updated very frequently. Either way, somebody whose opinions I trust told me that there were some really good burgers waiting for me at the intersection of Boulevard and Hiawassee. My daughter and I stopped in one day in the spring to try it out and were very satisfied.

I went back to Athens a week ago for lunch and gave their burger my full attention. What a treat! This really is one of the best meals in town.

White Tiger was an early proponent of the recent craze for farm-fresh meat and veggies. This results in a pricier meal than most – a burger, side and drink will run you about twelve bucks – but this is definitely a case where the cost is worth it. They do a variety of special burgers, but I like to keep mine simple with just a few basic toppings, and the final product is just perfect, an oozing, juicy, really wonderful burger.

I had my burger with a really nice side of okra and tomatoes over rice. The burger itself, juicy and accompanied by some wonderful mixed greens, was certainly the best available anywhere in Athens, and the side complemented the taste of the beef just perfectly. I enjoyed a good book and the weather was just this side of ideal, so this was a truly good lunch indeed. I think it will be impossibly sticky and awful the next couple of months, but when it cools back down a little in the fall, a picnic lunch in this lovely old neighborhood will certainly be on the agenda.


3 thoughts on “White Tiger Gourmet, Athens GA

  1. I used to live right up Hiawassee near where it dead ended (next to the purple house. It can’t be missed. It was REALLY purple) and I remember this space being The Green Scene and then Rooster’s. Glad to see that6 something else is there and is really amazing! This does, however, make me miss my old house and Athens in general even more though.

  2. I remember hearing about the Green Scene but never made it there. I’ve visited White Tiger twice since writing this chapter. It really is a treat! Thanks for writing.

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