Paradise Country Bar-B-Que, Milledgeville GA

Continuing further north up US-441 outside of Milledgeville, the road took us to a place I’d heard about many years before. If you’ve been reading for ages, you may know that I keep an eye out for a bizarre little bit of clip art of a particular pig that keeps showing up on the signs of barbecue restaurants. Oddly, lots of restaurants go in for images of smiling and dancing oinkers, cartoony and happy to be part of your meal. That’s silly enough on its own, but there’s this one particularly bizarre pig who’s either preparing to cook himself, or the rest of the herd. John Pluta’s group of blogs about restaurants in middle and south Georgia, not presently active but guaranteed to be absolutely fascinating in the future, mentioned this place. I won’t imply that I was in a rush to visit, but at least I knew that if the road was going to take me to Milledgeville, there’d be something else to eat.

Since nobody has really documented this place that I can find, I was uncertain what to expect. While the outside looks like an old and unfriendly bunker, the interior is very dark, with deep wood paneling and lots of piggy-porcelain kitsch. It’s very homey, like you’ve wandered into somebody’s large dining room, and the servers greeted us with the enthusiasm I usually reserve for when my best mate shows up after months away. They are the sweetest bunch of good people here, and they make some quite good barbecue. The pork here was certainly above average. It was quite a nice find.

The pork is done on an outside pit, and it’s very smoky, with lots of flavor. I wasn’t mad about the stew – it has peas in it, which is unusual and nice – but the slaw was terrific. Marie and our son enjoyed desserts while I sampled the two sauces. These are mild and hot versions of a mustard-based sauce, which many places in the region use, orange in color and very tasty. They do quite good work here, and while I haven’t much more to add than that, I’m very pleased that I stopped in, and recommend that anybody else making a barbecue tour of the area swing by as well.

Incidentally, you can see more of this oddball pig elsewhere on this site. Isn’t it weird?

Are you planning a barbecue road trip? You can see all the barbecue restaurants that we have visited for our blog (more than 380 !) on this map, with links back to the original blog posts!

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  1. Thank you for the link to the restaurantsfastfood site. That is a neat little resource!

    1. It’s neat now, but it will be completely fascinating forty years from now. It’s a great little time capsule and I really hope it sticks around for people in the future to enjoy.

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