Mama’s Pizza, Alpharetta GA

Our old friend Matt has taken a job in Alpharetta, giving us a chance to meet up with him and sample another north Fulton restaurant. He suggested Mama’s Pizza, which has been selling New York-style slices since 1979. Peter Vavaroutsos emigrated from Greece to New York City in the mid-1950s, learned to make pizza the local way, and moved to the Big Peach after twenty years in the Big Apple. His son Jimmy now carries on the family tradition. Continue reading “Mama’s Pizza, Alpharetta GA”

Table & Main, Roswell GA

Well, here’s serendipity. A few Sundays back, our old friend David came by and we drove over to Roswell. We met up with Leslie, from The Food and Me, to try a popular restaurant in Roswell’s incredibly cute downtown stretch. I really love the way that Roswell has managed to maintain and support a thriving downtown scene full of busy independent restaurants just one curve and a parking lot away from the main, traffic-clogged stretch through town. Unfortunately for us, the restaurant that we wanted to try was so busy – they don’t take reservations – that we were looking at an hour’s wait. We decided to stretch our legs and get some exercise while waiting, since the restaurant does at least take your number in order to send a text when a table is ready. Continue reading “Table & Main, Roswell GA”

‘cue Barbecue, Milton GA

In a chapter that we posted about three weeks back, I mentioned that we had wanted to take the toddler to romp around in the great big play fort at Alpharetta’s Wills Park. We finally made our way there and he had a complete blast. Before and after the madness and running around, we visited two restaurants in north Fulton County that we had never visited before. First up, we went to the town of Milton and had some ‘cue at a place called ‘cue. Continue reading “‘cue Barbecue, Milton GA”

Greenwood’s, Roswell GA

Greenwood’s is one of those restaurants that opened in the wrong time and place for today’s hobbyists. Between fifteen and twenty years ahead of the trend for new Southern cooking, Bill Greenwood moved down from Maryland and came up with an oddball recipe for fried chicken that he was certain would turn people toward the less time-intensive comfort foods on his menu. It didn’t work, because people love it. The chicken takes between twenty and thirty minutes to prep, and is fried in a peppery bath of honey and lemon. The crust is unlike any I’ve ever tasted, and is certainly one of the most interesting and tasty in the Atlanta area. Continue reading “Greenwood’s, Roswell GA”

Dreamland BBQ, Roswell GA

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Marie and I had been very impressed with Moe’s Original, a barbecue chain out of Colorado that traces its origins back to Tuscaloosa. There’s another barbecue chain from that city with a foothold in Atlanta. It’s Dreamland, and while Moe’s Original is mostly an unknown quantity, you get talking with barbecue lovers in this or any town and when Dreamland comes up, more often than not, you’ll see a shaking of the head and a furrowed brow. Dreamland, to hear people tell it, is where chain barbecue just went wrong. Continue reading “Dreamland BBQ, Roswell GA”

Old Brick Pit, Chamblee GA (take two)

One of these days, I need to go up to Roswell and do a proper expedition of all the sixty-eleven taco joints on Highway 9 below Holcomb Bridge Road. There are quite a few of them. The kids and I were in town one Saturday to do a little beer shopping and I thought we’d get a hamburger. Driving north through the area, however, I changed my mind and pulled into Tacos Linda Vista. It is one of the newest places to set up here, in a building that had previously been home to another taqueria, Tacos Frisa. We’ve all been going back and forth about what the restaurant was before that. I say it was a Kentucky Fried Chicken, but I can’t get any consensus on that point. What say you, dear reader? Continue reading “Old Brick Pit, Chamblee GA (take two)”

Scratch Fresh, Alpharetta GA

Several months ago, Todd at A Hamburger Today (linked below) wrote another of his indispensable reports about an Atlanta-regional burger that I needed to try. As you’re no doubt tired of reading, it then sat on my to-do list for the better part of forever until Lee at Roots in Alpharetta mentioned it in passing recently. Scratch Fresh is located in a strip mall just north of Windward Parkway on GA-9, in a space that, when I worked in this community five or six years back, was home to a Jersey Mike’s Subs. Now it’s home to a family-owned business that packs ’em in every morning for biscuits and, at lunch time, serves up one of the best burger options in the area. Continue reading “Scratch Fresh, Alpharetta GA”