Blaxican Mexican Soul Food, Roswell GA (CLOSED)

I’ve been a huge fan of Will Turner’s cooking since the first time we stumbled upon the Blaxican food truck. It’s been a go-to ever since; when we go to food trucks, I’m more likely to want to have a couple of his tacos and that amazing “Mexi mac and cheese” than sample something from anybody else, which isn’t really in line with our mission, but heck, we’re only human.

So I’m very glad that Turner has opened his first brick and mortar location, although I fear that he hasn’t found the very best address for it. It’s on the far east side of Roswell, still inside the city limits on Holcomb Bridge Road and in the same strip mall as the Studio Movie Grill. It’s near enough to Nesbitt Ferry Road to have an Alpharetta mailing address, which confused the heck out of me. There’s no street visibility, which could be a problem. Y’all don’t let it become one. Whether for lunch or dinner, if you are in north Fulton and can’t find the Blaxican’s truck, you need to head over here for some mind-blowing good tacos and sides.

I’m afraid the launch of the storefront flew right under my radar. Everybody else’s as well. I didn’t hear about it from any of the usual Atlanta-area restaurant gossip sites, but from my best friend, who lives in Toronto. Somebody that he knows tweeted a photo of the restaurant, joining the many who have been surprised by the name – Turner has acknowledged that “it has some shock value” – and my friend, not knowing that I rave about this truck to everybody in town, urged me to go check it out. Nothing I’d like better!

I’ve tried several of Turner’s tacos but my favorite remains the Buffalo chicken, which is just terrific. And the jalapeno mac and cheese? Well, I’d visited two barbecue places for lunch earlier, and didn’t complain about any of my sides, but this dinner in Roswell was the best meal of the day, in part because this mac and cheese is one of the best side dishes available anywhere from anybody. It’s creamy, chewy, mildly spicy awesomeness and if you have not had it before, then you need to make your mouth happy with a nice tray of some of this.

There are a few tables inside, but it was warm enough to enjoy the fresh air and get Buffalo sauce all over my chin. I love this place, and sincerely hope that my worries about the location are ill-founded. If you’re in Roswell or Alpharetta, or Oregon, Maine, or Toronto for that matter, you need to pay this place a visit.

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  1. As of August 2017, the food truck is still going, but the storefront in Roswell has closed. A new brick-and-mortar location, in Peachtree Corners, is said to be opening later this year.

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