Red Pepper Taqueria, Atlanta GA

Today’s chapter is a very short and simple one. Red Pepper Taqueria kept bubbling up on my to-do list and kept getting knocked off by other things. Then, one day last year, Broderick from Savory Exposure declared that their nachos were the best in Atlanta. Continue reading “Red Pepper Taqueria, Atlanta GA”


TacoLu, Jacksonville Beach FL

A year back, after our last visit to Jacksonville, I was looking at Urbanspoon to make sure that the links to our most recent blog updates for that city looked okay, and somebody had recently posted some photos of the mural on the outside of TacoLu. I took one look and said we’d visit on our next trip to Florida. How could we pass this up? Continue reading “TacoLu, Jacksonville Beach FL”

White Duck Taco Shop, Asheville NC

We had a nice and long Baby Mercy Break after sharing an order of nachos in the early afternoon in downtown Asheville. We did lots of shopping at some favorite stores and, crucially, let him rampage and read at the Pack Memorial Library. The staff was completely wonderful, and let us stretch and relax and have books brought to us. Have to say, our son seems to suffer from sensory overload in libraries. At home, he patiently follows along with most books and immediately asks to hear them again. Whether we’re at home or in another library, however, he can’t go much more than four pages before rushing away to find another book to start anew. Continue reading “White Duck Taco Shop, Asheville NC”

Verde Taqueria, Atlanta GA

Every Labor Day, Dragon Con brings in some friends and family from around the southeast. This year, we were happy to go to a new place with our friends from Nashville, Tory and Brooke. We hadn’t seen Brooke in a stupidly long time; she missed coming to town last year, and the last few times I’d gone to the Music City, she was either working or, in one case, too sick to be social. So we were particularly glad to see her. And Tory, who’s always a joy. And their friend Holly, who came to town with them. Holly was wearing a WKU shirt and I mentioned that they started their season big with a win over the Wildcats. Holly wasn’t entirely sure that she knew that WKU even have a football team. Tsk. Continue reading “Verde Taqueria, Atlanta GA”

Chick-a-Biddy, Atlanta GA

Shaun Doty and Lance Gummere’s latest chicken restaurant, Chick-a-Biddy, opened earlier this summer in the Atlantic Station development. I confess that I was in no particular rush to visit this place, but purely from a blogger standpoint, and not from an eater’s. Earlier this year, I stopped by its sister restaurant, the equally bizarrely-named Bantam & Biddy. I didn’t particularly enjoy that meal, but that’s entirely my fault. I’ve never liked poutine and wondered whether some celebrated Atlanta chefs could change my mind. They couldn’t; enough said. Continue reading “Chick-a-Biddy, Atlanta GA”

Taco Mamacita, Chattanooga TN

One of Chattanooga’s most popular restaurants these days is a fun little drinking hole, just a little bit naughty-minded, within a short walk from the main drag along the North Shore. Taylor and Mike Monen opened the first Taco Mamacita in 2008. It’s in a really curious location. They found a dying strip mall, anchored, sort of, by a Family Dollar, and opened the restaurant in the corner slot. It has been a huge success, allowing the Monens the chance to not only branch out into burgers via their popular Urban Stack, but also expand to other cities. The second Taco Mamacita opened in Nashville in late 2009, and a third opened on South Carolina’s Sullivan Island last summer. Continue reading “Taco Mamacita, Chattanooga TN”

We Tracked the Food Trucks to Smyrna

If our previous chapters about Atlanta’s food trucks have suggested that I’m still a little confused by them, that’s reasonable. As much as I wish to like the idea of them, something about the way they’re wrangled and rodeoed in Atlanta has left me stumped. It doesn’t help that not a month goes by without some bizarre bit of weird press, usually related to the city of Atlanta or one of the properties upon which the trucks park finding some new reason to inconvenience the trucks’ owners with some new permit or requirement. Continue reading “We Tracked the Food Trucks to Smyrna”