Tassa Roti Shop, Marietta GA

Looking for a nearby Sunday lunch option that Marie would enjoy, I finally pulled Tassa Roti Shop from the rainy day list, even though it was a bright and beautiful mid-October afternoon without a cloud in the sky. A co-worker is from Trinidad and she recommended it quite some time ago, although she says that a place on the southeast side of town, International Roti Shop, is even better. That’s high praise, indeed, because Tassa, which is on Powers Ferry Road in Marietta, is really good. Continue reading “Tassa Roti Shop, Marietta GA”


Jamaican Jerk, Marietta GA

A few weeks ago, after we had supper at Taqueria Real de la Villa, we went the other way on Franklin Road for the first time. Going south to Delk Road, we saw a pretty blighted strip shopping center on the left, with a Jamaican restaurant quietly doing its business without a lot of buzz. I’d never heard of this place, and couldn’t find any discussion of it anywhere. It’s called Jamaican Jerk and it’s been here since 2002. We came back a few days later, instead of making our usual Tuesday trip out for burgers, to give it a try. Continue reading “Jamaican Jerk, Marietta GA”

Jerk Shack, Brunswick GA

We are always looking out for restaurants to try in Brunswick, since we think that we have covered Saint Simons Island pretty well. I have my eye on a couple of places on the mainland, but when a review of Jerk Shack bubbled up at just the right time, I decided to give that place a try ahead of the competition. Marie really enjoys Jamaican cuisine and has hinted that we never quite get enough of it for her liking. So on our second day on the coast, we took a little drive back across the causeway. First we let the girlchild do some shopping in some vintage clothing stores, while Marie let the toddler enjoy some reading and relaxation in the public library. I looked through old city directories, chasing a lead that went nowhere, and then we drove north to Altama Avenue to find this ramshackle little business. Continue reading “Jerk Shack, Brunswick GA”

Havana Restaurant, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)

Once upon a time, Atlanta was home to a pair of remarkably good sandwich shops where people could go for authentic Cuban food: Havana and Kool Korner. Then, across two terrible years, Kool Korner’s owner retired (only to move to Birmingham, get restless and reopen his beloved store) and Havana burned to the ground. Fortunately, around the time that Silvesonso Ramirez went back into business in Alabama, Debbie Benedit and her son Eddie Benedit Jr. reopened Havana using most of the same recipes that Eddie’s grandfather Guido had used when he first opened Havana on Buford Highway in 1976. Then there was, briefly, some bad blood boiling as Eddie’s uncle started his own sandwich shop with a very similar name. That’s all in the past now, but doing further reading of older stories about this restaurant – see the list below – will probably find traces of the family disagreements. Continue reading “Havana Restaurant, Atlanta GA (CLOSED)”

We Tracked the Food Trucks to Smyrna

If our previous chapters about Atlanta’s food trucks have suggested that I’m still a little confused by them, that’s reasonable. As much as I wish to like the idea of them, something about the way they’re wrangled and rodeoed in Atlanta has left me stumped. It doesn’t help that not a month goes by without some bizarre bit of weird press, usually related to the city of Atlanta or one of the properties upon which the trucks park finding some new reason to inconvenience the trucks’ owners with some new permit or requirement. Continue reading “We Tracked the Food Trucks to Smyrna”

Jerk Kitchen, Marietta GA (CLOSED)

We’ve hinted before that Urbanspoon has a flaw or two in it – just hop back two chapters – but that shouldn’t release restaurant owners from the responsibility of taking advantage of the darn thing. Take Jerk Kitchen for example. This is a pretty darn good Jamaican restaurant that’s just down the road from us, and it’s been there for almost a year without us knowing anything about it. The owners, a husband and wife from Kingston, working with a chef from Montego, chose what looks like a murderously tough space on the far end of a strip mall, sort of in the elbow between a Wal-Mart and one of those Chinese super buffet places. We never even look in the direction of either of those businesses, and had no idea this place was here. We only found it one Friday evening when, unsure what to eat, we started paging through the “recently added” restaurant list in Urbanspoon and found it listed, about ten months late. Continue reading “Jerk Kitchen, Marietta GA (CLOSED)”