Jerk Shack, Brunswick GA

We are always looking out for restaurants to try in Brunswick, since we think that we have covered Saint Simons Island pretty well. I have my eye on a couple of places on the mainland, but when a review of Jerk Shack bubbled up at just the right time, I decided to give that place a try ahead of the competition. Marie really enjoys Jamaican cuisine and has hinted that we never quite get enough of it for her liking. So on our second day on the coast, we took a little drive back across the causeway. First we let the girlchild do some shopping in some vintage clothing stores, while Marie let the toddler enjoy some reading and relaxation in the public library. I looked through old city directories, chasing a lead that went nowhere, and then we drove north to Altama Avenue to find this ramshackle little business.

Wow, it is tiny. The original building is just a kitchen with a walk-up window, where George Morris has been having a ball cooking up chicken, pork, and goat with the expected Caribbean and jerk flavorings. It’s great to watch a fellow who really enjoys cooking hard at work. It has been expanded into a ramshackle patio, so guests walk through a mix-and-match assortment of tables and chairs. Almost all of his business is carry-out, but if you’d like to sit down, you might can find two or three chairs and a space to relax while he gets your food ready.

Marie ordered a three-meat sampler, with curried goat and chicken, and jerk chicken, along with cabbage and beans and rice. I supplemented that with a five-dollar “express” order of jerk pork. This was ample food for everybody to enjoy. The meats are quite mild, with the seasonings and spices tantalizing rather than dominant. George, who’s been running the Shack since 2008, keeps some quite powerful bottled hot sauces on the tables for people who want their meat really spicy, but happily, what he serves is not too spicy, so even the toddler could enjoy the flavors.

I’d say that this was a pretty good meal. I enjoyed the flavors, and the awesome do-it-yourself ethic that George is exemplifying, but Marie was especially pleased. She has more of a taste for island cooking than I do, of course. I can definitely imagine that she’d like to give the Jerk Shack another visit when she is next in the area, and maybe try some of their specials. I found myself interested in the pepper steak while we were waiting for our food and now, back home and typing this up, I’m even more curious. Boy, I bet that’s good.

You can see all the restaurants that we have visited for our blog on this map, with links back to the original blog posts. It’s a terrific resource for anybody planning a road trip through the southeast!

7 thoughts on “Jerk Shack, Brunswick GA

  1. I’m driving south to Savannah in a couple of weeks and I think a detour might be in order. Thanks you guys.

  2. Have you guys tried the jerk shack that is close to YDFM? It’s right between a gas station and a barbershop and it has FANTASTIC jerk chicken. Fair warning though, the jerk sauce will make you sit up and pay attention!

    1. Never heard of it, so nope. Not yet. Actually, what’s out that way that I really want to try is International Roti House on Covington Highway. A co-worker from Trinidad says that she eats there all the time. Maybe one day soon!

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