Red Pepper Taqueria, Atlanta GA

Today’s chapter is a very short and simple one. Red Pepper Taqueria kept bubbling up on my to-do list and kept getting knocked off by other things. Then, one day last year, Broderick from Savory Exposure declared that their nachos were the best in Atlanta.

So I looked at the menu and noticed that it was not just Broderick. On the menu, under appetizers, there’s a little logo next to the nachos. It’s one of Creative Loafing‘s “100 Dishes” for 2013.

I told my server that I’d read on Savory Exposure that theirs are the best nachos in the city. (We try to do that. Hope y’all do as well.) She told me that they are, absolutely.

She was right. I thought back to that processed cheez-goop that my poor daughter had dumped all over her nachos in Florida the week before. This isn’t like that. These were good, fresh, crispy chips, smothered with the best cheese dip you’ve ever had, and incredibly good guacamole and salsa. Man alive. These raise the bar. These are the best nachos in Atlanta, hands down. Definitely give them a try.

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