Taquería la Oaxaqueña, Jonesboro GA

One day in late 2003, our friend David phoned me about a promising restaurant near us. He had read in Creative Loafingjust like you can – that this place, then called Cafeteria la Oaxaqueña, was serving a unique treat called a tlayuda. A common street food in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, it is sometimes called a Mexican pizza, not entirely correctly, and served as the inspiration for the tostadas that you see on fast food menus today. Continue reading “Taquería la Oaxaqueña, Jonesboro GA”


Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, Dunwoody GA

This is Marie, contributing a short article about Tin Lizzy’s new lobster taco. Tin Lizzy’s has been growing pretty steadily since they opened their first store in 2005. They now have nine locations around Atlanta, and. since our last story about them, they have added their first out-of-town store, in Augusta GA. Next month, they plan to open in Columbia SC. Continue reading “Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, Dunwoody GA”

Ray’s Rio Bravo, Sandy Springs GA (CLOSED)

If you’ve lived in Atlanta for any length of time, you’ve heard of Rio Bravo. This isn’t a failed restaurant chain with one or two deeply oddball fans, like me and Shrimp Boats. Thousands of people loved Rio Bravo, which opened its first location in 1984. For a while, it was by leagues the best Tex-Mex in town. Continue reading “Ray’s Rio Bravo, Sandy Springs GA (CLOSED)”

Taco Casa, Tuscaloosa AL

Other than eating, the first thing that we did in Tuscaloosa was visit the campus of The University of Alabama for our daughter, and the next thing that we did was visit The Children’s Hands-On Museum for our son. We had such a good time here! Like the similar, but unrelated, Hands-On Museum in Johnson City TN, this is a two-story museum (three in the summer) that took over some old, unused storefront space on the main drag in the city. Continue reading “Taco Casa, Tuscaloosa AL”

El Pollo Dorado, Marietta GA (take two)

When I first visited El Pollo Dorado almost two years back, that got the gears in my head turning about the repurposed 1969-74 Shrimp Boats buildings, but I didn’t really start thinking about them until I went home that evening. So I figured I should probably go back by sometime and get another look or two at this particular building. Continue reading “El Pollo Dorado, Marietta GA (take two)”

Tijuana Flats Burrito Company, Apopka FL

There was never a place in the blog’s narrative for this before now, but we had a very stunning surprise in our lives this past September. Eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed that my mother, who lived in Smyrna GA and at whose home – my childhood home – we often met up for meals in and around Vinings, rather abruptly vanished from our stories. That’s because she spent six or so weeks discreetly reconnecting with a very old flame and then gave us about three weeks’ notice that she was marrying the fellow, selling the house, and retiring to Florida with him. So there she now resides, just outside the town of Apopka, about twenty miles north of Orlando, and home to nine million plant nurseries and landscaping companies, enjoying warmer weather and going to the gym five days a week. She’s happy, active, and doing very well. Continue reading “Tijuana Flats Burrito Company, Apopka FL”