Stockyard Burgers and Bones, Marietta GA

For far too short a time, there was a place on the square in Marietta to get a really, really good burger. It was called The Starlight Cafe, and the area has been all the poorer for its absence. There are some very, very good restaurants in downtown Marietta, but Starlight’s excellent burger was probably the best in Cobb County, and deserved to be mentioned in the same lists as the best in all of the Atlanta area. Continue reading “Stockyard Burgers and Bones, Marietta GA”

Hot Wok, Marietta GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Hot Wok, a mostly take-out place in rural northwest Cobb County. Now, Grant has never been a take-out Chinese food sort of person, but I am. As a result, if it weren’t for me, the teenager would not get one of her favorite dishes, sweet and sour chicken, more than once a decade or so. Since Grant had absconded for the weekend to make one of his periodic great barbecue tours, the kids and I were on our own and we indulged in comfort food. The place has only a handful of tables, so it seemed best not to risk testing the toddler’s patience with a dine-in meal. Continue reading “Hot Wok, Marietta GA”

Tassa Roti Shop, Marietta GA

Looking for a nearby Sunday lunch option that Marie would enjoy, I finally pulled Tassa Roti Shop from the rainy day list, even though it was a bright and beautiful mid-October afternoon without a cloud in the sky. A co-worker is from Trinidad and she recommended it quite some time ago, although she says that a place on the southeast side of town, International Roti Shop, is even better. That’s high praise, indeed, because Tassa, which is on Powers Ferry Road in Marietta, is really good. Continue reading “Tassa Roti Shop, Marietta GA”

Derek’s, Marietta GA

Derek’s is the living definition of a rainy day restaurant. I’ve been saving it for a rainy day for more than ten years, figuring that I’d stop by eventually. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch from a wide, shallow building on Canton Road with very little parking, and I sometimes wondered what their food was like. Continue reading “Derek’s, Marietta GA”

Aurelio’s Pizza, Marietta GA

I made a factual error in the summer when I wrote about Nancy’s Pizza, a large Illinois-based chain with two stores in Atlanta. I wrote then that these were “the only places for more than a hundred miles where anybody can get a stuffed Chicago pie,” and that’s not true. Another mid-sized Illinois chain, Aurelio’s, has a single outpost in Cobb County. Continue reading “Aurelio’s Pizza, Marietta GA”

Sam’s BBQ-1 West, Marietta GA

A few Saturdays ago, I took my son out to west Cobb to look for the long-rumored second location of Sam’s BBQ. I had heard that it was out here somewhere, but had never spotted it whenever I was driving around this area. It turns out that the restaurant has absolutely no street visibility at all. If you can find The Avenues at West Cobb (home of Otter’s Chicken), then Sam’s is literally across the street in a shopping mall with a Kroger and a Belk, but you cannot see it from GA-120. Continue reading “Sam’s BBQ-1 West, Marietta GA”

The Unfair, Fickle Finger of Festival Weekend

Over Labor Day weekend, we sampled a couple of new-to-us restaurants, but we did so under the chaos of festivals and conventions, when nobody is at their best. With that in mind, I thought I’d break up the routine by running down all the dining out that we did over the weekend, both new places and old favorites. Continue reading “The Unfair, Fickle Finger of Festival Weekend”