Peace, Love and Pizza, Marietta GA

Up here in Atlanta’s northwestern suburbs, the psychedelic slices of Peace, Love and Pizza are totally taking over everything, man, which is an amazingly fab and gear thing. Since we last wrote about them on the occasion of visiting their second store in Woodstock, they have opened three new locations in eight months. That is pretty darned impressive. Continue reading “Peace, Love and Pizza, Marietta GA”

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, Marietta GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about froyo. Actually, I brought along our froyo expert, the teenager. She likes froyo more than anybody else and makes “Ooooh, shiny” type noises every time we pass any froyo place. However, as our regular readers are aware, I am the serious dessert fiend of the family, but I have an abusive relationship with dairy. I am, regrettably, lactose intolerant. While of course (of COURSE!) I prefer the high-butterfat, extremely creamy, hard-as-a-brick-when-cold type of ice cream, the active cultures in frozen yogurt mean I can have a bowl without it hating me back. Nevertheless I took it easy. Continue reading “Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, Marietta GA”

Zeal, Marietta GA

This is Marie, contributing an article about Zeal Modern Eatery. I had been invited to join some friends there for an evening meet-up and menu sampling, and really enjoyed the place. Sadly, it was raining so I did not take photos of the exterior, but it’s in the end of a strip mall so a) easy to find and b) looks much like any other store. The interior is pretty, though, with the bar area separated from the tables so if you care to watch the widescreen with a drink you won’t be given stinkeye by people trying to have dinner. Continue reading “Zeal, Marietta GA”

Jerusalem Bakery, Marietta GA

A few Sundays back, Marie and the three year-old and I joined Marilyn from Atlanta etc. for a quite nice little vegetarian supper at a surprisingly old and venerable restaurant. Jerusalem Bakery opened in 1973 and while I’m not certain whether they’ve been in this location the entire time, neither were two of the employees that I asked. It is in the same strip mall as Tasty China, at the intersection of Franklin Road and the South Loop, although not a couple of doors down like I thought it was (sorry, Marilyn), but rather behind and beneath Tasty China. There’s a whole ‘nuther plaza of shops around back, invisible from the South Loop. Continue reading “Jerusalem Bakery, Marietta GA”

Otter’s Chicken, Marietta GA

I had originally described Otter’s Chicken, a quite good little place in The Avenues at West Cobb shopping complex, as a Guthrie’s clone, but that’s not strictly accurate. It’s a little more like a Zaxby’s, which would make this a second-generation Guthrie’s clone. Ah, the genetics of restaurants, it’s a very strange field of study. Continue reading “Otter’s Chicken, Marietta GA”

Chapter 1000: The Butcher The Baker, Marietta GA

Today marks a big milestone for our blog. It is our 1000th chapter! We’ve been sharing between fifteen and twenty posts a month with you good people since February 2010. We’ve picked up a few hundred subscribers, along with a pretty nice bunch of followers on Twitter and also, when it feels like actually sharing what we post, on Facebook, and we’re very glad that you’re enjoying our stories. We seem to have a pretty good presence on Urbanspoon’s leaderboards in quite a few cities, and we’ve got to visit lots of places we’ve never been before. We have so much more exploring to do, and some neat ideas for new trips through the rest of the year. Thanks so much for reading us, and telling your friends about us. (What? You’ve not told your friends yet? Well, we’re sure you’ll get around to that soon.) Continue reading “Chapter 1000: The Butcher The Baker, Marietta GA”

Jamaican Jerk, Marietta GA

A few weeks ago, after we had supper at Taqueria Real de la Villa, we went the other way on Franklin Road for the first time. Going south to Delk Road, we saw a pretty blighted strip shopping center on the left, with a Jamaican restaurant quietly doing its business without a lot of buzz. I’d never heard of this place, and couldn’t find any discussion of it anywhere. It’s called Jamaican Jerk and it’s been here since 2002. We came back a few days later, instead of making our usual Tuesday trip out for burgers, to give it a try. Continue reading “Jamaican Jerk, Marietta GA”