Le Café Crêpe, Marietta GA (CLOSED)

In March, a reader named Pam gave me a terrific idea. I had been mentioning how Marie seems to act like crêpes are nature’s perfect food or something, and she asked whether Marie had ever been to Le Café Crêpe near the Marietta Square. And me needing to figure out someplace nice to take her for our proper anniversary dinner and everything. (And yes, for those of you who have been following along the last few weeks, Marie did seem to get an abundance of anniversary meals, didn’t she? Funny how that worked out.) Continue reading “Le Café Crêpe, Marietta GA (CLOSED)”

Taqueria Real de la Villa, Marietta GA

Some months back, when we visited Tasty China for the first time, I noticed that the strip mall on the other side of Franklin Road had a little grocery store in it, and, right on the sign next to it, the inviting word “Taqueria.” It may not be an absolute, but in our experience, you can usually get some pretty good and inexpensive tacos in the back of a grocery store. At this place, they’re more than just “pretty” good. Continue reading “Taqueria Real de la Villa, Marietta GA”

Photo Post 16: South Cobb Drive

There used to be a great site called Not Fooling Anybody. It’s been stuck on this “Please Stand By” page for years, but some of its backmatter still exists if you play on the Wayback Machine. Our friend David recently reminded us of this hobby that we love – spotting and documenting conversions of old restaurants and businesses – when he found a newer, similar site, Used to Be a Pizza Hut. I figured there were a couple of converted Pizza Huts that I could shoot for these guys. Then I figured that a few more things stood out in my memory, and they’re all on the same stretch of road. Well, almost. Continue reading “Photo Post 16: South Cobb Drive”

Tasty China, Marietta GA

Over the course of 2013, I did a better job of sampling more authentic cuisine from China than the stuff I’d grown up eating, most of which I could take or leave. I had some interesting meals, some okay and some terrific, but none blew my mind quite like Gu’s Bistro in Doraville. In early February, we were going to meet our friends Vincent and Helen for supper, which we usually do at a new-to-us place, but we ended up choosing Gu’s again. I asked Andy and Jo from Burgers, Barbecue and Everything Else to join us – here’s the story – and we had a great meal. Andy was indecisive. He enjoyed Gu’s, but wasn’t sure whether it was better than the celebrated Tasty China. I figured it was long, long past time that I checked this place out to see how we’d rank it. Continue reading “Tasty China, Marietta GA”

Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q, Marietta GA

After several years hoping that time had improved the quality of the barbecue at Williamson Brothers, we made a cautious trip to the gigantic barn of their flagship store. I won’t rehash old complaints, rather, I’d prefer to learn from them and stay away from certain things on the menu that I don’t enjoy. Full disclosure: in the mid-1990s, my parents found themselves enjoying this place, and befriended the owners, and so I have been many, many times on their dime. I briefly developed a taste for it, and it took a while, and a much broader experience of barbecue, to lose it. Continue reading “Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q, Marietta GA”

Tin Drum Asiacafe, Marietta GA

Since the last time that I wrote about Tin Drum, back in August of 2012, the small chain has expanded a little more. There are now thirteen stores in Georgia, although their Birmingham store shuttered last year. The most recent addition to their chain is near Town Center Mall, in the same strip mall that is home to Twisted Kitchen and a Cheeseburger Bobby’s. Continue reading “Tin Drum Asiacafe, Marietta GA”

Shrimp Boats: The Story of a Shipwreck and its Survivors

(Second edition, Sept, 2015)

One of the most fun elements of our hobby has been researching long-lost southeastern restaurant chains. It’s comparatively easy to get a little backstory about a single business, but the story can become much more convoluted and fascinating when we’re digging into the past for little traces of what’s left when something distinctive and fun is trying to vanish. We’ve enjoyed learning about the story of Zesto in Atlanta and Columbia, and really loved tracking down what we found about Kay’s, Kay’s Kastles, and Ice Castle. Continue reading “Shrimp Boats: The Story of a Shipwreck and its Survivors”